Monday 9 May 2011

Fairies, Angels and Tonsillitis. for my website for my other website (Jesus being ignored on a tube train.  Very good - have a look) for the A Graceful Death exhibition, paintings from the end of life

Fairies, Angels and Tonsillitis

I am delighted to introduce you to some Fairies which I will put into the invite below.  These Fairies have been made while my dear 14 Year Old Son has been smitten by the Tonsil Fairy and given Tonsillitis.  Poor Son, he is very poorly and can only eat ice cream and feel the pain.  It is a very nasty thing, and I am so sorry him.  But, I have cancelled everything and have more time to paint fairies.  So out of blackness comes light.  Out of pain comes paint.  Read on...

 Angels, Earrings, Fairies and Cakes by
Antonia Rolls

Tomato Fairy.  5" x 7"

You are warmly invited to a weekend sale of Paintings, Prints and Handmade Earrings
Wine and Tea and Cakes 
Banana Fairy 5x7"                                     Carrot Fairy 5x7"              Daisy Fairy 5x7"

Saturday May 21 10am - 9 pm to
 Sunday May 22 10am - 9 pm
127 Worple Road, Wimbledon SW20
Cup Cake Fairy 5 x 7"
 Sale in aid of the A Graceful Death projects, the Film and the Exhibition. for more information

I aim to have this sale of Angels and Fairies and fun things while also displaying the latest information about the A Graceful Death exhibition and film.  The weekend is about having fun with all of you, with colour, fun, wit and humour, alongside the serious business of raising funds for the A Graceful Death exhibition and film.  

The A Graceful Death Film Project -
Making a film of the effect an exhibition of paintings of death and the end of life (A Graceful Death, paintings from the end of life) has on those who are involved in the works, and those who come to experience them at exhibitions.   Showing how the exhibition is created and broadcast, and hearing what those who love it say, and those who don't love it, say.  And very significantly, showing how it feels to paint a sitter as they approach the end of their life, or as they face an uncertain future.  A section of the exhibition shows Survivors too, those who have come through illness, or the bereavement process, and are living again.
Click on the link below to see our video and to hear more and to donate to this important work.


14 Year Old Son may be large and hungry but he can be as ill as any of us.  Poor kid, he struggles with his hearing, his tinnitus and his balance (sometimes).  So now with tonsillitis his ears are giving him extra discomfort and on top of that he has lost his hearing aid again.  So, a week in bed for him, lots of medicine and ice cream and all he really wants are Nick Nack crisps.  14 Year Old Son had such a high temperature the other night that he hallucinated and got me up in the early hours because the house was full of unexploded bombs.  He propelled me downstairs at 12.30am to find them and it was a little while before I could get him into a tight embrace and tell him to stop.  He is about 6' 2" and quite big, and was really not interested in chatting while the bombs were not diffused.  I got very tough before making him sit with me and holding him with a vice like Mummy Grip (only desparate mummys can do this) until 2am when I got him back into bed.  "Sleep well my Son," I said tenderly while giving him more paracetamol, "let us just recap - we will not explode before dawn, and mummy has got all the mines out from under the sink."

So I have cancelled a few things this week.  The house will fill up again though, as on Wednesday my teeny weeny little friend Fatema comes to rest and rethink.  She is just under 5' tall, very, very lively and pretty and very good at Kids.  And on Thursday my Cousin's Cousin comes to stay.  She comes every year, and is also teeny and dainty and beautiful.   Both are in their 20s and both are going to sleep on sofas.  Why?  Because my Burly Pole is staying on a bit and will have the spare room.  We like the Burly Pole, and say Horay when we get the chance.  Dear Daughter may come home on Saturday and she will have to sleep with me.  Except Alan may be coming too so maybe we will have to all sleep in a big jumble like hamsters.  

I have been making earrings too.  I love making earrings.  I love playing with all the beads and selecting colours and shapes and designs and thinking Wow!  Someone will look Fab with these.  And so they will.  I must remember to bring a mirror up to the Fairies and Angels and Earrings fund raising weekend where you will all be dying to try the earrings up to your lovely faces.  And don't forget I will be able to make up your own designs in front of you too, so there is no reason at all to do the shopping, visit Aunty, catch up on sleep or go on holiday for that weekend.  No reason at all.  And you can commission your own Fairy or Angel, that is worth cancelling your trip to Honolulu for.  

And now, I am going to do a Long Red Pointy Pepper Fairy.  And after her, some Angels.  I will do a Kick Ass Angel but I don't know quite how yet.  I have had lots of requests to do her, so obviously the Fairies will be nice and veggie, and the Angels tough as old boots.  Onwards and upwards.  (No there won't be a Tonsillitis Fairy. But there may be a Kick Tonsillitis Ass Angel.) 

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