Thursday 29 January 2009

Today I am tackling the Ross Family Portrait. This is a huge undertaking for the nicest family imaginable. There are 5 children (between 11 and 23) and parents and a portrait photo included of much loved Granny, who died. It is oil on wood and is 2'x 3', so nice and big.

I am alarmed at the beginning of the day because it is so important I do this and do it well. I secretly feel What if today is the day I can't paint any more. What if I can't see the people and house and garden and reproduce it. Part of me thinks I will do it later and just blog now. Part of me says Do the blog, then do a bit of the house. Make straight line in paint and take it from there. Just make a mark.

Its the business of not doing anything because we are fixated on the perfect end product without considering all the tiny myriad steps in between. So. Pot of tea at the ready, Ross Family Portrait here I come. I will put up a picture when it looks a bit better. I have started, you see. Not so bad.

In the meantime, I have done 4 Angels and a Honeymoon Portrait in the wilds of Scotland with bits of Norweigian landscape mixed in. They are delivered to clients on Saturday. Onwards and Upwards. To the Rosses.

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