Friday 30 January 2009

Today I Am A Bit Slow

Today I am repainting the Honeymoon Lady's face. She very rightly pointed out it didn't look like her, so I am working away with a teeny teeny brush to get the likeness. People have an atmosphere, and even if I get all the features right, if I don't get the atmosphere then it isn't them.

Then, I will go to the Ross Portrait and continue making the house work. All the lines of the house have to work together. The measurements of the the doors, windows, the bay with French Doors, all have to match otherwise it isn't the Ross house. This takes a long time. You'd think all I had to do was make a house shape and put in some windows etc but it is much more complicated than that. I must make the background of the walls ready to receive the shape of bricks when I start those lines.

All terribly interesting and detailed.

People come last, when the background is done. Oh I love doing the people. I love doing hair, and posture and clothes - it is great fun. This is a family with great hair.

I am slow because I don't feel energetic, I feel plodding. I feel if I was to answer the door to you I would droop a little and sigh a lot and take a few seconds longer to answer your questions. Yesterday I would have anticipated your comments and bounced about grinning and making large gestures with my arms. However, this isn't about happiness, it is about mood and energy. I am happy, and really it is excellent that I can concentrate on a small face with a tiny brush and not feel constricted. As I said yesterday, Onwards and Upwards. God Bless.

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