Monday 2 February 2009

Yum. Happiness is a Pot of Tea

Monday and the week is ahead. I can make anything I want of it, it is either productive or unproductive.

Honeymoon painting was well received, and the Angels were well received. More Angels today for delivery on Thursday. When I get the photo of the Honeymoon Couple in Scottish Landscape, I will put it on here.

And the Ross Portrait which is at the moment a portrait of the house.

And a Jesus on the Tube to follow up for a lovely American family in Connecticut. And said lady has lovely hair. Love doing hair.

How are things today? Everything is possible, I can do the work, but I feel nervous. It is often like this, I make my life as I go along, and I have the choice to make it good or make it bad. So today, when I am nervous, going into the house to read and potter feels a good thing to do but - we know it is not. So I will start gently today and put some flowers in the studio to remind me of beautiful things just for me, and pick up my brushes and go.

I am adding a picture of a family I did in the Summer, just had the photo back. Photography by Eileen Rafferty of She is GOOD.

This is a local family in the front part of the house, and yes it is painted this blue. It is a wonderful colour for a house, especially in the Summer. The painting is oil on wood and is about18"x 18".

Bye for now, I will be a serious straight faced rather dreamy artist today, moving quietly and getting much done. And saying very profound things when asked questions.

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