Thursday 19 February 2009

Back to Studio Stuff (with a Little Update on How Things Are)

I won't be in the studio much today. I have a busy day with friends and appointments, and for the next few days I will be elsewhere than here in my wonderful studio.

I am taking some steps to make my path easier. It will involve talking, listening and eventually some confrontation which I hate but will do. On the whole I have everything. It isn't possible to move up a notch in your life without having the opposite forces pull you down, just to make sure you both know you are moving on and to make sure you appreciate it when you are there. There is much to keep me going on every level, and it is quite a lesson in thought management to remember how much you do have when confronted with crises that sweep away your confidence. What I do have makes it possible to accept and deal with and move away from things that make me afraid and want to hide.

Oh but I will do some Angels today at some point. And make a small pretty bag to put things in in my bathroom. And I will do some Squares of Happiness and I will sit in the studio and see what comes up. I won't be doing the Ross pianting till Sunday now, and the Jesus on the Tube for the pretty American lady and her family is all laid out and ready to start. I may do some of that, but I think it is really time to play today.

I am training for a 10k race here on 17 May. I am so excited, and here is an announcement. I am bored stiff of dieting. I am moving on from Weight Watchers and running off into the bright blue yonder.

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