Thursday 12 February 2009

Some Angels. And I Am So Tired.

If you click on any of my paintings here they become big and you can see the detail.

A green Angel with a Frog. 6"x 4" oil on canvas.

An Angel with Books. 6"x 4" oil on canvas

I am so tired today that I am going to fall on my Ross House and snooze my way through the day.

I do have some Jesus on the Tubes to do, perhaps I shall plan the first one at another table in the studio. That is sitting down work and very particular whereas the Ross one is 3' long and 2' wide and I stand up for it. I stand to attention.

Actually, through my fug of weariness yesterday I opened an invitation to run the Bognor Regis 10k and I thought, OK. I'll do it. It is on 27 May so I have 3 months to shape up a bit. I can't even stagger to the kitchen at the moment, so the 10k will be a triumph.

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