Wednesday 11 February 2009

Honeymoon Painting and Pergola Problems.

Here is the Honeymoon painting.

The scenery is a mixture of Norway and Scotland, and created by Cate and Jeremy who's honeymoon it is. It is about 16"x 16" and painted in oils on wood. It will be framed though it is painted to hang without too. Cate and Jeremy have their walking sticks on the ground before them and their rucksacks next to them.

The Pergola Problem is this. I have to paint a pergola that is not yet built and I have no proper image of it. I cannot print one off from the company website and the prospectus I ordered doesn't show the pergola I need. Options are - 1. Search for a similar one online and construct 2. Ask the Rosses if they really need it 3. Work it out somehow from the bits I already have.

I will do 1 and 3 today and use 2 as a last resort. You will be glad to know that the bricks are done and jolly nicely done too. Pergolas today. At some point when there is enough background, I will put in the 8 portraits and the painting will come alive. Yes. This is fun.

Briefly, about breakfasts on Wednesdays. Wednesday is weigh in at weight watchers so as a reward I always go mad with breakfast afterwards. I get weighed at 10am and by 11am I am sitting sated and smug in my chair in the studio, like Desperate Dan after his cow pie, licking my lips and saying "F'lup", the flotsam and jetsom of a large indulgent breakfast on my desk and on the floor around me.

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