Wednesday 4 February 2009

Angels and Squares of Happiness

Here are two Squares of Happiness. They are painted to bring contentment, happiness, joy, whatever your need as you look at it. These examples were painted for the recipients and the background colour chosen to echo their needs right now. The shape of the flower-holder is important as are the flowers. These daisy like flowers work for the two ladies who have these Squares of Happiness. The canvases are only about 12"x 12". Oils.

It is an utterly simple idea, full of the energy of brightness and positivity. Each Square is created for the recipient, and is wonderful because of its simplicity. It is Art Therapy in Action!
I wonder what it would mean if we were wonderful because of our simplicity. Maybe we are. Maybe some are and some are not. Simplicity may be deeply intelligent and powerful, far beyond our first reaction to the word. Simple and not stupid. Simple and not boring. Simple and educated. Simple and independant. I suppose being complex is fascinating too, though there is a lot to maintain if one is complex. A lot to work on if one is being simple. A lot to think about all round. So the Squares of Happiness are simple and profound. How about that.

A Square of Happiness for Lucy Martin
A Square of Happiness for Olivia Pemberton

While I am about it, here is a large Angel if Red Evening Dress. About 2' tall. There has another angel to go with it and both hang on a wall in a Red Themed Sitting Room in a house in London.

I am painting three Angels today. These are while the Ross Family House dries so I can start on a bit more detail. The pretty lady in Connecticut has sent the photos for me to start on her Jesus on the Tube with her family, so that is always exciting. I made up a Job Bag for it this morning. That is, before each commission starts I make an evelope with all the pictures, correspondance and information concerning the new painting. There are two boxes in the studio, one for commissions completed and one for commissions ongoing. There is a list on the wall of commissions pending, getting to the job bag stage means we have Done the Deal and the painting is on its way to creation.

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