Monday 23 February 2009

All Things Are Well and All Manner Of Things Are Well

Brian O'Gorman and His Family at the Santa Croce Yacht Club

This is oil on board and is about 18"x 24" and is framed. I loved painting this, the childrens' poses and the colours of the sea and rocks and sand. The photo makes the painting a bit distorted, the real thing is very energetic and balanced. Like me, really.

I worked all day yesterday and made huge progress with the Ross Painting. I will work on the faces again today, but there is so much to be done. so much detail, and the detail makes the painting work. It is the Magic that I get so excited about. There are all the people, their poses, their clothes, the garden, the pergola, the foliage, the house, the bricks (got the bricks sorted,they are still exciting). All these things to be detailed about. And the attributes - the items that each family member has to describe who they are, painted around them.

Today is a bitty day, one child at school, one child outraged because the inset day he thinks should happen hasn't happened and so he can't get out of bed he is so furious that the college didn't think of an inset day today. Another child is on her way back from London and will be here soon. I have many calls to make, and a maths class to take Furious Son to later. And of course all the calls to college and school to tell them what is happening.

But tomorrow evening I go to Alan's for the evening and that is something to look forward to in this rather stressful day to day life of a Mum, an Artist and a Person. Alan is wonderful. Alan is really really wonderful.

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