Wednesday 5 August 2009

I Have Decked Myself Out In Blue Jewellery Prior To Being Deadly Efficient In The Studio

The Blue Jewellery is really important because it is chunky and the right colour blue, and as all of you know if you don't have the right colours near you you grind to a halt. Just like that. So here is the story of the Blue Jewelery.

Last night we got back from Ireland where we were on holiday. We stayed at my darling friend's husband's family hut by the sea far far away. Briefly, because the wind howled like a hurricane and the sea rose like a tsunami, we mostly stayed huddled together indoors and ate as much as we could in the hours available. Actually, we did go in swimming too, and Alan went in every day because he is a hero. We had to go down in groups because we needed people on shore to a) witness the drownings b) go for help c) try and rescue those in the waves.

So anyway, we came home very last night. Me, Practially Perfect In Every Way, 19 Year Old Daughter full of a cold and weak from lack of make up, 16 Year Old Son full of rightness in all he does, 12 Year Old Son needing a full meal every half an hour, 16 Year Old Niece who can't be faulted she is wonderful and Alan who organised the whole thing and even paid for me to have Valet Parking at the airport (worship). The kids went to watch Big Brother and I went to 24 hour Tescoes so that their meals could be unnaffected by me being tired and travelling home with lots of teenagers and bags from Ireland. I spent till 2am shopping, putting away, doing beds, unpacking a bit and finally having a bath with bubbles which was going to be my reward, even if it was dawn and the noise of the water running could be heard all down the silent sleeping Bognor street.

And so this morning. I woke and ran. That alone meant I deserved a reward. As the morning drew on, it was clear I had to go for various reasons to our shops, and so off I went, with my little shopping list. Instead of doing what was on the list I found my subconsious has taken me to New Look where there was a jewellery sale on. Don't mess with your subconsious, I say, so I bought some big blue bracelets, a long blue beady and silvery necklace and some fab turquoise earrings. I then understood that nothing could happen today of any importance unless I had turquoise blue things to wear, so I bought a tee shirt too.

And so we come to the nub of the matter. It seems that I was sent by fate to New Look to buy blue stuff so that I could function at my peak. Since coming home, putting on all the blue stuff, I have been clear thinking, wise, efficient and have given the stunned and now weeping teenagers the house to clear and hoover while I sit in the studio and Do My Work. This consists mainly today of sending out a press release, making timetables, putting the passports away, checking my emails, twittering, facebooking, and printing more adverts to put up around the West Sussex environs about my Art Courses for Blocked Artists every Saturday from 10am to 5pm, in my studio. Lunch, materials, tea on the hour every hour, thrown in. And the courses are for up to 3 people, as more can't fit into the studio and I don't want a crowded studio full of blocked people who want to paint descending into fisticuffs when there is no room and all the pencils are gone.

And tomorrow is my birthday and Alan is getting me a bike. How amazing is that? And 19 Year Old Daughter is giving a birthday party for me in Brighton on Sunday and 12 Year Old Son has tried to keep an Interesting Plastic Bag hidden from me on the the way home from Dublin yesterday, and 16 Year Old Son - well he is a constant source of amazement. Anything could happen. All in all, I deserve my blue jewellery. I need my strength.

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  1. Glad you had a great holiday - but it's good to see you back again! Speak soon.