Monday 10 August 2009

Shall I Work? Shall I Print Photos? Shall I Make Another List?

I am printing photos from yesterday's big family party on Brighton Beach. 19 Year Old Daughter only needed to ask a few fabby cousins and their fab kids to join me and my three brothers and my three kids my nephews and neices and my parents and Alan and Eileen and we have become a gipsy encampment. All we needed were horses and bonfires. It was truly a sunny and magical day

Nearly missed the left hand photo and had to sprint.

Flung myself next to my lovely cousin Charlie on the stones for the right hand photo. Can't keep me out of a photo.

So, having done the Facebook and Photo thing, what is left of importance? Breakfast is done and lunch isn't here yet. If I was a hobbit I would have my second breakfast now but I am not a hobbit I am an artist and am filled with wonder and inspiration and only truly need one breakfast a day. So far.

I am putting on another exhibition in Chichester to run two weeks before Steve's one. This will be on Angels, every day Angels. It feels perfect to have an exhibition on one side of Chichester in the Oxmarket Gallery on fun and fancy angels, to finish the day before the other exhibition on a Graceful Death begins, on the other side of Chichester in the Quakers Friends Meeting House. I have often felt worried that I can't pin myself down to one particular type of painting style or subject. After speaking to a very kind man at the Oxmarket Gallery in Chichester I thought perhaps I didn't need to worry. It wasn't a problem, and he was very generous in his thinking about artists having many different ideas and ways to paint. So the Angels followed by Dying exhibitions were decided upon. I can't wait. I shall be back in the studio with much to do and loving it.

Saturday's Workshop for Artists Feeling Blocked went very well. My first lady was way above average intelligence and experience. A real privilage to spend a day in the studio with her. She is coming back this Saturday and I shall enjoy having her follow her imagination in paint, again. I hope more people will come and take part. It is really worth it. I get so much out of interacting with other creative people, and love the fact that we all find Getting Down To It difficult. Often impossible.

Heigh ho. 12 Year Old Son and 16 Year Old Son are still asleep. Breakfast for them will be this afternoon when I have my lovely Jesus on the Tube client come with his partner to collect his painting and have a cup of tea. This nice man has had teenagers in his household once too, so being being grunted at at teatime by two stumbling gangly tousled lads who's hair looks like Russell Brand's after an electic shock, won't faze him. There will be much clashing of crockery and filling of kettles heard from the kitchen, and many lids being raised and replaced clumsily on saucepans and rattling of packets and strange glooping noises, until both come out of the kitchen holding bowls of cocopops and somehow, every saucepan in the house has been used to make cocopops, and every surface is swimming in Stuff as a result. I will of course, have got a tea tray ready in advance and my dear client and his lady will only guess at what is going on beyond the parlour door.

I did make a list. It never says
  • 1. Return Max Clifford's call.
  • 2. Reassure Tate Modern the works will be installed next week
  • 3. Remember to put lottery winnings in bank account
  • 4. Tell Hello they are too late, OK got in first.
  • 5. Tell staff to mow lawn, do washing and have banquet ready for 6pm.
  • 6. Tell the Dalai Lama and Lionel Blue I can fit them in for tea next week.

    My list says things like
  • 1. Blog
  • 2. Twitter
  • 3. Plan something
  • 4. Email orthodontist
  • 5. Paint something
  • 6. Make sure the boys are still alive upstairs

    Ok, done blog. Time to Twitter.

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