Friday 2 October 2009

Success And Relief

Our Successes, yours and mine, may be very different. Our feelings of Relief may be very different. So you will be prepared to shake your grizzled heads and put your hands on your hips when you read mine, and whistle through your teeth - Dang it, I knew she could do it.

Here is a small list of successes. Put your glasses on and get your tea ready.

  • The Graceful Death exhibition is going well. Simple. That is all there is to it. It is not a vague mountain of Things I Haven't Done and Things I Can't Do. It's all very nice indeed and I have done a lot. Good Girl.
  • The Every Day Angel exhibition is going well too. It is not a huge affair, it is only tiny and I have plenty of time to create some really lovely little pieces from my heart and put them out there. Not a problem. Oh how clever.
  • I am going to speak on BBC Radio Sussex on the day before the Graceful Death exhibition, about the paintings and my experience. It is on the Faith Programme and so I will enjoy that because I really do like God and Faith and Things Like That.
  • I am collecting 16 Year Old Son from London today for the weekend. The Success there is that it has all gone smoothly and so far he has not had to call me to check up on whether or not I am improving myself and following his strict guidelines on Pitfalls and Weaknesses in my Character. I think his aunt, my angel sister in law, is also not having to review her life choices and buck up her ideas, so maybe he is happy.
  • Alan is a darling. The success is that he is such a lovely man and all mine.
  • I am still a good weight despite eating my own body weight in fried foods recently.
  • 12 Year Old Son loves his mum and gives me hugs. He has also discovered Girls and I think he must be lethal. Gawd. I may have to set up a counselling service for hearts he has broken.
  • 19 Year Old daughter is lovely to her mum and called me publically Marshmellow Mama. That could mean she thinks I am like the Michelin Tyre Man but I know it is from the film The Girl Can't Help It and is meant well.
  • Going to see wonderful friend today who paints landscapes with genius. Please look at and be amazed. Wonderful woman.

I think that is enough success for one day.

The long and the short of it is that I feel a lot better about Life. I can paint, I can do things and I am very lucky indeed to be putting on these two shows. And the ghastly feelings of Not Being Good Enough are just that I need a good square meal, an early night and a different perspective.

So let's hope that I blaze a trail for myself and have nothing but fun from now on.

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  1. Really glad all is going so well. You must get more details of the Radio Sussex interview so we can all listen! Love to everyone. Speak soon.