Monday 28 September 2009

Waiting For Inspiration

It is a quarter to one in the afternoon and I still have not got any. Here are the things I do have

  • Indescribable hunger. The only thing that will help is crisps and they belong to 12 Year Old Son and he counts the packets
  • An aching ankle. I think it is rheumatism or arthritis or leprosy or aids, and it could, it I work on it, stop me from working
  • Lots to do. Need servants.
  • A mind that rambles.

This morning I came in here early and because even walking across the garden to the studio was a great excercise in determination and thought control, I decided to meditate . I learned Transendential Meditation a while ago, and was told that it changed peoples' lives. So I thought I would do it this morning and then everything that happens in the day would be nothing to do with me, it would be my subconscious, my id, not my fault.

It was pleasant, and by the time I had finished I had a vague plan of campaign. This was as follows

  • Make the tea
  • Have some breakfast
  • Don't go on the computer
  • Don't do the blog
  • Don't do the blog
  • Don't worry about being a blob
  • Don't do anything
  • Actually, do some painting.

So I made the decision that if I really had no inspiration at all, none, my blog couldn't happen. Better give myself something to do, like paint, then I can write about that.

So here is the blog about painting. I am very messy, there is paint on my cheek, my eyebrow, my teapot, the radio, the kitchen. I am painting for the Graceful Death exhibition and have an idea of what to do, which is probably thanks to the TM meditation this morning. I will not do any PR today, or marketing, or admin. I will only paint. And tonight when the day is gone, I will finish the book "Cold Comfort Farm" and wish I had written it.

Now there is paint on the computer too.

1 comment:

  1. Nothing wrong with a colourful keyboard, I say! Odd, the little demons that get in the way of creative progress. I got some extra nice feedback on my Speakers' Corner pictures and am now afraid to post the rest, in case people think I am:
    a) showing off, or
    b) an imposter who will never take a good picture again and so a great disappointment to all.
    Ho hum.
    Hope you got through your personal barrier.