Tuesday 29 December 2009

Nearly Done. January Soon.

http://www.agracefuldeath.blogspot.com/ for the official website for the A Graceful Death Exhibition coming to London in February 2010

http://www.antoniarolls.co.uk/ for my website

antonia.rolls1@btinternet.com if you want to contact me

This is a lovely photo by Eileen Rafferty of the A Graceful Death Exhibition. It shows the space and light and gentleness in which the paintings were exhibited. The next venue is in London in February, keep checking http://www.agracefuldeath.blogspot.com/ for details. I will update it when I have more information.

So. We have all had Christmas and we are waiting for New Year's Eve. It is that in-between state of having done all the first half of the celebrations and waiting anxiously for the next. Anxiously for a couple of reasons.
  • One - You don't have anywhere to go on the 31 December. It seems everyone else does, and they are all much happier and more successful than you because of it. And even if they did ask you to join them, it would highlight the fact that until they did that, absolutely no one else did
  • Two - You have had enough of the jollities. It was a tremendous effort to get through the present-buying, over-eating, being nice to everyone and having nowhere to escape to. You fear it will all happen again, and it begins to feel like Duty. Inescapable Duty. You have empathy with the Queen and the Pope.
  • Three - You do have somewhere to go to, but your partner doesn't like the people hosting your New Year's Eve Party. It makes you feel a bit cross on the one hand that Partner is raining on your parade, and a bit guilty on the other that it's all about you, and you are going to have fun whatever and Partner will just have to cope
  • Four - You had such fun on Christmas Day that you are afraid the Human Body can't cope with more so soon after. However, you are willing to give it a try.

I had a lovely stress free Christmas. Everyone was calm and generous, and for some ungodly reason I did not overeat that much. What? You cry. How Come? Have you an un-nameable psychological disorder? Or were your hosts mean. Well, I will reply. My host (mother) was typically generous and wonderful. I just didn't want to overeat. It was OK to just have what I wanted and an bit more, and leave it at that. Ho! I hear you chuckle. I know what happened. You spent half the night before up and eating and are just not telling us! After all, who is Santa in your house? And Santa probably gets a Whole Roasted Ox from each member of your family so that is why you couldn't over eat on Christmas Day. What you mean is you couldn't Publically overeat. Sorted.

Now I am in the Studio. I have one little portrait to do, and one still life of flowers. This is good. I also have some pretty good prints of my Angels, so that will go down well.

Off now to the post office. Oh yes, I have been working hard this morning. I even have TWO letters to post. Oh the strain.

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