Friday 19 November 2010

Antonia And Eileens Art Fair Next Sunday In Arundel. for my website for my other website for the A Graceful Death exhibition, paintings from the end of life to follow me on twitter

 In Arundel, On Sunday 28 November, Between 10am and 7pm.

Eileen And Antonia's Art Fair.

 At last.  The details are up and running.  The poster is designed by our dear friend and Graphic Artist, Rhona Reedie.  We, Eileen and I, are delighted to invite you to this Do in the Norfolk Centre Hall which is just at the Castle Gates opposite the car park.  What can I tell you about it? 

 The Photographer

Eileen's blog and photos

Well, the poster shows some of Eileen Rafferty's fantastic photography to whet your appetite.  She is specialising in this Art Fair in prints and photographs, framed and unframed, of landscape and flowers, of light and shade and colour, and the most exquisite details from Nature.  Eileen's photography is of such a high standard that sometimes I have to lie down.  Her eye for detail, for the perfect finish, and for the most exciting composition is quite astonishing.  She is a perfectionist, which is evident when you see how she not only takes excellent photos, she finishes and prints and frames them all herself because she cannot let anyone else near them.  Eileen delights in talking photography, and composition and art, so please come along and meet her if you have not already done so, and be impressed.  Eileen will be selling greetings cards of her works too.

The Artist  for my website

I, Antonia Rolls, am showing a selection of my Every Day Angels.  These are light hearted, colourful and joyful paintings of fancy angels doing the same kind of things that we do.  They are painted with a simplicity that makes them accessible and appropriate to our lives.  I believe that there is no barrier between the Divine and Mundane, and that the Angels that we ask to help us, know exactly how to do that, because they live their Angelic lives alongside us.  And are thus full of compassion and empathy.  My Angels have a very sound sense of humour, and can take a joke along with the rest of us, if that is what we need.  I am also selling some fun, bright and decorative ink pictures for your kitchen walls.  All of you who read this blog know everything about me anyway so if you have not met me, come along and see what the author of such am exhausting and exciting Bognor Regis life is really like.  I may bring the Rioting Sons and put them on show in a Chain Gang Scenario for your entertainment.

The Cafe.


Made by Annabel (the Cake Guru - see  Photographed by Eileen and Eaten By Me. 

There will be tea and cakes provided by  Daughter Alexia and her dear friend Arrieanne, who are pictured below in a portrait  from about five years ago.  They are now in their twenties, and are still full of fun and life.  And believe me, they Understand Cake and Tea.  One of them belongs to me and the other has been with our family for years, so they Know.  Bless them both.

Both are excellent cooks and understand the need for Tea and Cakes and so will provide you with such at their Cafe in the Art Fair.

See you all next Sunday 28 November, Norfolk Hall, Arundel, from 10am to 7pm.

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  1. We are going to have a wonderful fun day, with friends and tea and lovely things. See you soon.

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