Wednesday 17 November 2010

Stick With It Girl, You're The Boss for my website for my other website for the A Graceful Death exhibition, paintings from the end of life

Who The Boss? I The Boss.  Who The Boss?  Etc.

I the Boss.  I the Boss of the home, the studio and of the Rioting Sons.  I the Boss.

Here we are midweek already, and it is a quiet grey day, cold outside and warm inside.  I am in my studio, making lists and trying to concentrate on Art and Fairs and Portraits.  There is no one here today, for which I praise Zeus, Jehova and Schools.  My dear 14 Year Old Rambo Child has gone back to school today, and will be put in isolation until tomorrow, when the school will let him rejoin them.  I have asked for various things to be put into place for him, and we will watch this space.  Don't, I said to them, Let him do bomb making classes.  And if, I continued, he shows signs of wanting to start the Bare Knuckle Fist Fighting After School Club, call me.  The other very determined Son, the 17 Year Old , is living rough in London.  He put everything in motion for a showdown and now has no idea how it happened.  Oh Son.  Life has a nasty habit of being real.  He can't see it yet, but we are all there for him.  He can't see anything clearly.  If I think he is not coping at all, I will go up and find him and bring him home.  He doesn't know that of course.  

And me?  I am putting my head down and sorting out my sons and my home.  We still have no kitchen and there is rubble everywhere, a big empty hole where the kitchen once was.  When (if) it is finished, Feng Shui will be flowing again and Riches and Wonders will fall out of the sky and my Sons will be like the Von Trapp Family children and no longer like the Adams Family children.  My  Daughter who is hopping mad at her brothers, needs to be immersed like an overheated engine into cold water and cooled down.  Commissions will flow in and A Graceful Death will tour the world, all expenses paid.  My Boxer, the one who is blind in one eye and has been in a war zone with scars to prove it, will come and find me and we won't have to wait until I am in my Old Folk's Home.  Quite a lot to expect from a finished kitchen next week, but such is the power of Hope.

Now for something entirely different.  For a long while now I have wanted to Play in my studio.  I have noticed that I am doing just that while I prepare for the Art Fair Eileen and I are doing on the 28 November.  I will post all the information about that soon.  But here is a taster of what I am managing, while my house, my love life and my kids go ape around me.  How is it, I cry into a philosophical hole, that the only time I get to play and make pretty and fun and meaningless but truly joyful pictures is when I have no time, no sleep, no peace and no future?  I do have a future, don't worry.  It is just that sometimes it is not the future I had either wanted or planned.

A Shopping Angel.  I think she is trying to tell me something.  Acrylic on canvas, and only 9"x 12".

Ink and black pen little pictures to go in the kitchen.   These are 6"x 4". 

And finally, for all of us who know, I have just started this one -
The Weight Watchers Angel!  How we love her.  Yum.  Acrylic on canvas, 9"x 12".

There have been so many messages of support and love and kindness from all of you.  Thank you.  You have all made rays of light for me to see more clearly and without you, I would be in bed under the covers and eating sweets.  Thank you.

Now.  To Kick Ass.  Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. Shine on! Love the pictures. I've come home to make pretty pictures too. Time we had a bit of fun, I think. xxx