Thursday 28 April 2011

Angels And Earrings And Fairies And Cakes. Fund Raiser At Clarissa's - for my website for the best known of my images, the Jesus on the Tube picture and story for the A Graceful Death exhibition, paintings from the end of life

Angels And Earrings And Fairies And Cake

All coming together at the Glorious Clarissa's to raise funds for and awareness of the A Graceful Death project.  This includes both the Film and the Exhibition.  Read on -

Angels, Earrings, Fairies and Cakes by
Antonia Rolls 

Shopping Angel

You are warmly invited to a weekend sale of Paintings, Prints and
Handmade Earrings
Wine and Tea and Cakes 
Fairy Cakes

Saturday May 21 10am - 9 pm
Sunday May 22 10am - 9 pm
127 Worple Road, Wimbledon SW20

Weight Watchers Angel

Sale in aid of the A Graceful Death projects, the Film and the Exhibition. for  more information


I aim to have this sale of Angels and Fairies and fun things while also displaying the latest information about the A Graceful Death exhibition and film.  The weekend is about having fun with all of you, with colour, fun, wit and humour, alongside the serious business of raising funds for the A Graceful Death exhibition and film.  

As you all know, the A Graceful Death exhibition is about acknowledging the importance of the end of life.  It is about what it means to die, and what it means to survive - this means both to survive the process of grief and bereavement and to survive the treatment of cancer or other life threatening illnesses.  The A Graceful Death exhibition began with the death of my partner from cancer in November 2007.  I painted the last few weeks and days of Steve's life, trying to capture how though his body was ravaged by the cancer, the life, the spirit that made him Steve, lived on in him to the end.  The paintings are powerful and raw and full of love.  The A Graceful Death exhibition has now evolved to include the stories and images of others at the ends of their lives too.  It includes the images and words from those who are undergoing treatment for cancer, and those who have survived well past the five year mark.  My colleague Neill Blume and I are now making a film of the exhibition and its effects.  Neill will be there at the Angels, Fairies and Earrings Fund Raising Weekend, filming away - so come and be part of it.

A Graceful Death is a not for profit enterprise.  All donations directly to the exhibition are gratefully received.  I am very fortunate to continue with A Graceful Death through the kindness and love of those who support it both financially, and with time and practical help.

I make earrings with a passion too.  Apart from having loads already made, I will have all the beads and baubles in piles for you to select and design your own.  I will make them up for you then and there.  Your own design and colour scheme.  Go for it.  

See you all there.  A Bar is set up for all those who need more than a cuppa, and there will be cakes and sustenance to help you make your earrings, Angel and Fairy Painting and or print buying decisions.

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