Sunday 26 April 2009


It is raining now when yesterday was so bright and sunny. This is good, it not only waters all the flower pots that Alan and I did, it washes my car. And, it makes it difficult to lie in the hammock in the garden. Perhaps the rain today highlights the magic of the weekend Alan and I just had. The sun shone, the smell of freshly cut grass was in the air, and everything was easy. Over Saturday and Sunday we had a holiday together, even though we stayed at his home during the days and my home for Saturday night. It was something we had planned and looked forward to for ages, and now from the rainy grey rather chilly Monday morning, it seems like an Enid Blyton idyll. We ended up reading the Sunday papers with a picnic on the Downs in the sunshine. Bliss. And we found our dream house and though it was too expensive, I had moved in and made tons of new friends, and unpacked and displayed all Alans American Football gear, and got loads of new commissions from grateful villagers by the time I had come home later on Sunday.

A busy day ahead. 12 year old boy gone to school, so noticeably a pre teen. Last night he needed help with his homework. So I sat looking clever and helpful and watched him get annoyed with his homework, his pen, the floor, his brother, life and then me. " How about describing the poem as hopeful" I would say, for example. "You don't know anything Mum. Nothing is hopeful it is about evil and pain" he replied with a barely concealed fury. A few minutes later he said as if I were senile, "I think there is hope in this poem. Can't you see that?"

And so on. But the boy in him did give me a big hug when the teenager in him was distracted later on.

Now I am off to get 15 year old up. I drive him to college on a Monday as if I am driving him to an Old Bailey hearing. He hates college. As he wants to do law, maybe one day I will drive him to the Old Bailey. He would make a wonderful barrister (I'm not repeating myself M'Lud. If you can't be bothered to listen to me the first time that's your fault. And further more my client is guilty whatever he says and I suggest Transportation. I'm going home.)

I will do the Jesus on the Tube today and finish the angels for the Open Doors Studio Trail which I will write about tomorrow. It is in May and you should all come. I have lunch with an old school friend of my youngest brother and all sorts of fetching and carrying for the Boys today. Daughter is fab, she looks after herself and makes me tea. Well brought up.

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