Friday 7 August 2009

What? Friday Already? How Did That Happen?

Friday is Bin Day. I did the bins, that is good. Tick that off the list. Next on the list, Blog. Doing that, and after this, change tee shirt. I can do that, yes, and what is next - call a friend who thinks he has swine flu. Well! We all know the cure for swine flu is chocolate, and 19 Year Old Daughter has had swine flu here already so I am immune and so no problem there. Next on the list? Mum's Halo. I did a portrait of my mother, see below, and put a halo on her. She became in an instant not only very holy, but an image of the Virgin Mary as an OAP. I thought this made

perfect sense. That's handy, I thought. Mum and the BVM all rolled into one, age and portraiture and theology and wit etc all in the same picture. But Mum has asked for the halo to be removed because her friends are confused by it and she is at a loss to explain it. I think mum has tried to accept it as art but feels she is not really the Mother of God and it may be a bit above her station. And as a good Catholic, it is a little like identity theft. Or Ego Mania. So I will remove it, and it will be just Mother and we will have to be content with the memory of the halo and all that it signified.

Next on the list, oh yummy. To reply to the most intersting lady vicar in Manchester who I painted a while ago. What a strong lady. Here she is below, with all her significant representations of her life. Those are 4 hand made stoles she had made for her ordination. She

writes poetry too. Anyhow, we will discuss another possible painting and an exhibition. Yes. She is very inspiring.

Next on the list, Go to Bosham and Chichester. Avoid Marks and Spencers and Waterstones and put up posters about the Art Sessions I am offering on Saturdays during the Summer for Artists and Creative Types Who Feel Blocked. I know how that feels and I am really looking forward to doing this. However, I also have some Jesus on the Tube posters to put up. That may be more difficult, most people need to see the website and catch on to the JOTT Thing to understand it. I run the risk of looking normal until I hand them a poster asking if anyone wants their portrait done with Jesus, and morphing into a Wierd I Have Direct Contact With The Messiah Don't Mess With Me person.

The list goes on. It involves calling people who may or may not want a painting (Hello, Antonia Rolls here, you want a painting don't you? I can fit you in this afternoon Whoops - no I can't, Prince Charles wants another one and has booked that slot. See how busy I am, better agree to one immediately or regret the lost opportunity. Whoops there goes another slot, Pope wants one now). It involves checking the position of paintings I have in a Business Centre in Croydon. And then, it involves running and walking to Felpham and collecting the bike Alan bought me for my birthday yesterday, and riding it back. If I can do all these things, I will be a Very Good Artist Indeed. Oh, and also, my first lady comes to the Art Session tomorrow. Just the one, and I need to organise the day so she gets as much from it as possible. That is fun though. Oh, and my dear dear friend the photographer Eileen Rafferty ( - go see it, you will be impressed) is coming for the weekend. Oh yes, and on Sunday we all go to a party 19 Year Old Daughter is holding on the beach in Brighton for my birthday. Dress Up, she says. Fine, I say, I'll Wear My New Bike.

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