Tuesday 10 March 2009

Complete Silence

I am working today in complete silence. No radio and no one is at home and it is very reassuring. I do have much to think about so it is good processing of thoughts time.

I started the Jesus on the Tube today and am amazed at how tiny the picture is. Jesus on the Tubes are between the sizes 5"x 5" and 5"x 7". So getting a family of five plus Jesus and all the paraphanalia I like to include, all the clues to the different members of the family, into this tiny space is mind blowing when you consider the Ross Family Portrait is 3' x 2'. And there are seven Rosses and one Grandma's photo, house, garden, attributes, food, drink, barbeque, garden, Pergola and foliage and flowers....the difference in scale is like a Zen experience.

Yesterday 15 year old son had a temper meltdown, which he gets from time to time. He is very difficult at these moments so I had lots of chunky kit kats to prove I was in control. Goodness. I went to bed feeling like Tweedledum or Tweedledee. I thought as I went to sleep that I had so overdone it that I couldn't imagine the next time I could swallow anything, including tea, and that made me very maudlin. It overtook the temper meltdown from my son. However, I have had my tea today and 15 year old son is still alive and I am painting miniature portraits next to large portraits, so it is funny how the world seems to balance itself on its own, despite chocolate overdoses and furious teenagers.

And, I have chatted on the phone to Alan and to my dear friend Olivia, so I have had some human contact too.

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