Wednesday 25 March 2009

Hello. How Can I Make Today Work For Me

I have had things to do outside the studio, what with the end of term for youngest boy and new crises for oldest boy and ongoing housework and lack of food in the larder. Usual stuff. And there seem to have been so many other things that I can't remember, that have kept me from the kind of day I love and keep trying to have. In the studio. This means I get up early, maybe go for a run and come home to a shower (my runs are the equivalent of someone tottering to the local shops at the end of the road and back. I don't want you to think I do long exciting powerful runs that mean my muscles ripple as I go and people watch me from their cars saying enviously, Wow. I bet she has no problems, running as well and professionally as that. I bet she gets things done and has loads of admiring friends).

Then having woken up oldest son and waved him off to his bus half an hour later, I make tea and breakfast and come into the studio. Here, the heating has been put on before I went for the run (totter) and I am shiny and squeaky clean and very refreshed and the day stretches before me until bedtime, should I want it, for painting. Oldest boy finds his own way home, daughter is a law unto herself and at 19, this is right. Youngest boy was at boarding school until the term ended last Friday, so I would usually be completely free to paint, fiddle around the studio, call my friends, check my emails, get more lunch, think and feel safe.

However. We are on the Easter holidays. Youngest son is here 24 hours a day. Oldest son is still at school and has GCSEs to think about. Daughter is going to America and is moving to Brighton on her return. Everyone is hungry and I have the Ross Family Portrait to finish. Yes. I have the Ross Family Portrait to finish, dry and present on the 7 April and that is nearer day by day.

I have done the Jesus on the Tube for the good looking USA family, and that will be framed and sent out by the end of this month. So a round of applause please, for finishing it.

How can I make today work for me? Well, if I do the flowers and flower beds for the Ross Painting, then I will have done well and that isn't too hard a task to set myself. Then, if I have achieved that much, I can do more and go to bed early tonight stunned with the progress I have made.

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  1. WWWWWWWWWWWWWWwwwww I think the Ws look like clapping hands so this is your round of applause. It tails of at the end as the hands get tired...
    Well done for finishing JOTT. Hope you made lots of progress with the Rosses and are able to rest easily. See you Sunday evening for Monday photo session. Take care. xxx