Saturday 6 March 2010

A Very Quick One for details on the "A Graceful Death"exhibition now starting at Queens Theological College on Monday 8 March

Just A Quickie

God Knows where Time Goes. I was up this morning early, and have done a good few things but -BUT - I still don't have enough time. Upstairs, 13 Year Old Son slumbers in a Teenage Blackout kind of sleep, but he has to be awake enough to get on a train (Oh No! You cry. Not Again!) to go and stay with his Aunt in London while I go to Birmingham. He is growing taller by the hour and is very hungry. So he will need a big big breakfast and some money to get by when away from home and inbetween meals and needing snacks etc. He is boarding at school too until I get back next week, because the lovely French Student staying with us can't be expected to keep the Child fed in the way the Child expects when I am away.

So I have done the speech, such that it is. I have packed the car. I have to do lots of last minute things like find out the address of where I am going, and plan a route. And get petrol! Ho! That would be a laugh if I thought God was preventing me from going and it was only No Petrol. So here I am in the Studio, fiddling around and putting the backs on some new paintings. I am writing this and doing my blog, printing more brochures, wondering if I will ever finish anything, and all the while wondering where, when I put 13 Year Old Son on the train, he will end up.

Onwards and upwards. Below is Snowy, who is the latest to go to A Graceful Death. Snowy is a much missed and very pretty cat. I am really delighted to include pets, it shows the exhibition is growing and touching everyone.



  1. Just catching up with the blog. You don't post links on FB any more (I think) so I've missed the recent ones. Hope all goes well in Birmingham!

  2. Lovely Snowy - what a snuggly picture.