Friday 12 March 2010

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What Next. What, I Ask You, Shall I Do Next.

In the meantime, here are some Drying Gnomes for Plant Pots. They will be painted and varnished, and so far there are only three of them in total, they take a good while to get them to this stage. Making things with clay, I say, is Blinking Difficult. All you clay makers out there will smile indulgently now, and say kindly "It took us nearly 50 years to get where we are, but well done for trying" as they go back to their mini Taj Mahals in clay with all the mini people bustling about inside.

Here are the things on my mind

  • 13 Year Old Son's voice has nearly broken completely. I keep thinking there is a man in my house only to find it is my boy who I think is still 8 talking like Brian Perkins on Radio 4
  • There is talk of illustrating a book that is being written. I want to illustrate the book but am jealous of the book itself, it is so witty and clever that I am furious I both didn't think of it and wouldn't have thought of it anyway. The friend who is writing it is a published author and Knows Her Stuff. I just wish I was as clever as her.
  • Ha! But can she make Gnomes!
  • Can I make Gnomes?
  • I have to pull together strings and threads and disparate opportunities now, because I have been so public and Out There for the last month or so. While on the road, I can only take notes and make them into Sensible Follow Ups later
  • But my studio is a tip. It looks like a Leaf Blower has been set off in the office part while I was away (ie it isn't my fault) and papers are absolutely everywhere.
  • The painting bit is supremely empty, as not only are the A Graceful Death paintings in Birmingham, but all the Jesus on the Tubes and all the Every Day Angels I had left and some of the Old Favourites, like the Male Madonna. So nnow it looks like the artist who owns it has done a Midnight Bunk.
  • I do have a fab commission to do but it is for a birthday present and so I can't talk about it right now.

And then there are other things that I am thinking of and planning. Here, because I want to be orderly and precise, they are in bullet form

  • I am renting out rooms in my house.
  • A French Student comes to stay next week and that is that. Brave Fellow. Zut Alors.
  • I am preparing Costya's rooms for rental, and Costya has agreed I can paint them Magnolia. They are now Purple, Blue, Yellow and Green. I think maybe he hated school so much because his mind was being scrambled and addled by his bedroom and other little room adjoining.
  • I am doing a Car Boot Sale with my friend here in Bognor, and that has to be prepared. So much stuff to sell, only hope the French Student doesn't notice some of his stuff going off to Fontwell.
  • And, I am going on my first Saga Holiday. I am going to Turkey for a week with my mother. I am not yet 50.
  • My mad teeny teeny friend is coming down to stay here in my absence. I hope the French Student survives.
  • I hope 13 Year Old Son behaves
  • I hope my plane doesn't crash.

Must go now. Today I am going to Help Daughter who has turned magically from 19 to 20. She is now 20 Year Old Daughter and I am still going to help her. Having gone to Manchester on a Mad Birthday Party Bash Whoopee, she has come home tired and droopy to work 7 night shifts in a row and then go to America for ages. She needs her Mum to pick up the pieces and do her shopping and make her tea and not say anything at all about choices and consequences.

Eileen and I meet later in Brighton and go to a lovely old pals for tea then home to 13 Year Old Son who may now be over 7' tall the way he is changing and confusing his old Mum.

Oh but I need a secretary, a manager, a planner, a sponsor, an events organiser, and a Whim-Indulger whose only job is to say Yes Antonia, At Once Antonia. Will speak to Alan and ask if he wants the job.

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  1. The drying gnomes look very cool indeed. Look forward to meeting them and their friends and family soon. Good luck with the exciting commission. Hope your holiday goes well and you return refreshed and ready for the Next Big thing.