Tuesday 30 March 2010

Did I Go To Turkey?

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Well? Did I Go To Turkey?

Mother and I outside a Turkish lady's house in a mountain village. We look about ten foot tall because we have Eaten of the Buffet for a week.

Dunno. Am back here in my studio doing my Stuff and feeling cold and wondering if I dreamt it all. I am very laid back though, and a little bit less pale than a few weeks ago, and most odd - I am really not hungry at all. I think I must have gone to Turkey. I remember the most wonderful food displays, and all (it seemed) just for me. Yes. I did go. I phoned Mother and she agrees that Yes. We Did Go To Turkey.

And out there in the world, SAGA is still taking plane and bus loads of Elderly People who are keeping very quiet about being the Salt Of The Earth, on wild eating and lying around holidays, on organised Activity Holidays, on Sight Seeing and Being Intelligent Holidays... After August 6 this year I will be eligible for SAGA in my own right. No of course I won't be 82. Don't be silly. I will be 50 and officially On The Downward Slope. To What? I may ask. To The Heated Swimming Pool With Other Elderly Holiday Makers say SAGA.

Now what. I have lots to do. My French Student is very nice, and speaks English so well I forget he is Foreign. He doesn't complain so we like him. I am doing a Car Boot Sale on Easter Sunday and am leaving very early so that I can sell all the kids things before they come home/wake up. I am hoping to rent some space in a craft shop in Arundel and sell Angels. I am painting a lovely commission as a birthday present so can't tell you more yet. Oh I am painting Costya's room Magnolia and renting it out. Poor Costya says he has no home anymore. He certainly won't have a dedicated bedroom but he will have a home. He can visit the rest of the house and I will still treat him as a Son. He says the only way for him to get over this trauma of Not Having A Home Anymore is for me to buy him a small place in London. He is not fussy, he says. Just a very small one. That will help his feelings of Abandonment and Pain to dissapate. Perhaps.

And what else? A Graceful Death will go to Oxford. I have more paintings to do for that. And organising. And it is time to get funding, it is costing me an arm and a leg to put on, even with all the expenses paid. Email me if you can help.

Anything else? Oh yes, the possibilty of illustrating my friend's book. The friend who has had such a fantastic idea I hate her because I didn't think of it and would never have thought of it anyway. Watch this space. If this idea of hers takes off it will be so funny and clever. And I will still illustrate it but I want everyone to know I am jealous of her cleverness and wit. Goddamn her.

Off now to do More Stuff. I promised 13 Year Old Son a Kentucky Fried Chicken breakfast today so I have to wake him up to stroll into Bognor with me and get it. Ghastly stuff. But I will have Brownie Points and Son Will Love Me so I will go ahead and do it.

I don't know. I feel I should be somewhere else. Somewhere warm and I keep wandering off to find a Buffet only to find I am in my house and there is not Buffet. "I'll go for a swim" I say to myself in my unguarded moments, only to find that I have to go to Felpham to do it. "I was sure there was an indoor heated swimming pool somewhere in here" I mumble in confusion. Maybe I did go to Turkey.

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