Friday 2 April 2010

"Starting At The Top" Kind Of Thoughts From The Artist In Bognor Regis for the latest on the A Graceful Death Exhibition

Starting At The Top. What's It All About?

This is what Starting As You Mean To Go On means. It is like starting at the top. You get a sunbed and lie on it in your best spotty swimming costume and let the day begin. Occaisionally you put your Mother on the sunbed while you go and get more food but this, more or less, is it.

If you start at the top, the only way to go is down, they say.

I have never started at the top. Today I feel grumbly because I have always had to work so hard to do anything and I think God should just give me what I want for a week. Or more. So I am not very comforted by the Starting At The Top Only Way To Go Is Down business because it is trying to comfort me by saying that it is OK to scrabble around at the bottom and midway because I can still rise above it all. Except that Today, Today, I should like to be at the Top. I should like to employ people to scrabble around at the bottom and midway for me so I taste only the sweet fruits of Success and Victory. I should like my Scrabbling Around Staff to have huge satisfaction doing this, and to have longed to do it from the moment they could walk. I would like my Scrabbling Around Staff to be so happy in their work that if they are not Scrabbling Around for me they come knocking on the studio door with a pleading and pained look on their sweet, upturned, honest but clever faces, and beg to be allowed to move Just One More Mountain for me. Oh Go On Then, I say beaming and chuckling kindly, Just The One.

But. Folks. I am, like all of us, Managing Ok Really. Someone who has Rice, Raisins, Avocardo and Lemon Juice for breakfast can't be too far down in the doldrums. If I was really low I would be having Worms for breakfast. Someone who has booked a hair appointment for today can't be feeling too defeated by God not giving them all they want now please. And I go to London to collect Costya and I so looking forward to seeing this hansdome and ridiculously opinionated son of mine. And I have tea with Clarissa and then Jacky and have my 13 Year Old Son with me all the time. (13 Year Old Son speaks only in riddles. A conversation with him is not a conversation it is a Mine Field where you will Lose. It is very interesting how his mind works, interesting and very unclear. Almost a complete mystery, one could say. A day with him makes your head explode. But he is very loving and nice. And, he has no idea of Personal Space and is always just two inches too far into your personal space so we fall over in a tangled heap very often. "Oh 13 Year Old Son!" I say with feeling. "Ha ha" he replies with glee).

Oh well. Best Get On and do the Scrabbling Around myself. Until midday when I get my hair done.

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  1. Looking good there! I think the Top suits you (and the swimming cossie looks pretty good too).