Sunday 11 April 2010

A New Post Tomorrow. It's Just That I Have Been Selling My Children At A Car Boot Sale And Haven't Had Time To Do The Blog for the latest on the A Graceful Death exhibition due in Oxford in July for my website to email me

That Just About Sums It Up (About The Car Boot Sale And The Kids)
I tried to sell a framed print of this Bum at the car boot today and a lady came up and said "Why do they do these dreadful pictures of Women?" When I said, "But it's my Bum! I painted it based on My Bum," she looked at me crossly and said "Disgusting." So I sat down on my Bum and made sure no one could see it for the rest of the car boot sale. I am sure she has told her church group that there is Porn at the Car Boot Sale at Fontwell.

I have not had time to come to the studio and Blog, because a Car Boot Sale is an exhausting thing to do. Days of preparation and sneaking into the childrens' rooms when they are out and taking out Stuff they have (one hopes)Forgotten About. Going through the kitchen cupboards and saying Ha! It is Years since I cooked in this saucepan, and Whoopidoo, I don't need this kitchen table/front door/child anymore and so on.

So I am £30 richer and utterly frazzled. Tomorrow I am going to come to the Blog with Gusto and leave you all on the edge of your seats today. "What," you all say in your emails to each other, "can we do to fill in the time till we know what she is doing?" Well, I understand this and will tell you as soon as I can tomorrow morning about the Car Boot Sale, Eileen's Gall Bladder (she is recovering here having had it removed last week) and all the exciting things that make up a Life In Bognor Regis.

Until tomorrow, when after a good night's sleep and a large fried meal, I will be All Go Again. Byeee.

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