Wednesday 7 April 2010

The Amazing Tone Gets On With Things for the latest on the A Graceful Death Exhibition due in Oxford in July for the Jesus on the Tube website

Angel Happy With Her Teapots

acrylic on wood, about 4"x 4" and very jolly. I am making loads of these type of Angels for the craft shop in Arundel.

The Amazing Tone Gets On With Things Thanks A Lot To Tasha Who Came For The Day Yesterday And Said Nice Things

It is true. Tasha did come for the day yesterday, she did say nice things and I am getting on with things. It takes the visit of an old old dear friend to fill one up with clear crystal water and make one feel full of life and possibilities again.

Tasha and I go back a long way to University in Aberdeen, where we were so arty we nearly fell over. Tasha is tall and slim and deeply witty and intelligent, and is not someone to mess with. She is full of Drama, English, Performance, Poetry and Writing. She has big blue eyes that sparkle with the most cutting wit; if you are a pompous twit or ever so slightly up your own bottom do not go and talk to Tasha because you will not know how to get out of the encounter alive. Tasha speaks sense and does Yoga. She is the first person I ever met who chose to eat plain yogurt. She has long slim legs. She wore little skirts and leggings and had wild hair and whoever she turned those penetrating witty blue eyes on, had to stand up straight and not be an idiot.

Tasha came yesterday with her two sons. Older Son was born the same year as my 13 Year Old Son. Younger Son is 7. Both sons are different to look at as chalk and cheese and both sons are Produce of Tasha and her lovely husband Rob. Lovely children and interesting children. In fact the youngest is famous in our house for saying Up Your Bum to Eileen when she asked him where his coat was when he was 5, which no other living creature would ever get away with. Eileen thought he was wonderful, and both Eileen and Tasha's Youngest Son have become entwined in our household with the words Up Your Bum.

So what is the Amazing Tone getting on with today? I have space in a craft shop in Arundel to sell Angels from the beginning of May. That happened this morning (I think Tasha did it by Will Power from Lancashire). I have two commissions to do by the middle of May and I have another car boot sale on Saturday. Tasha must be responsible for these too and I am looking for the connection. At the moment Tasha is responsible for All Good Things so I expect if I buy petrol today and the price is lower than last week, I will put it down to Tasha. Thanks Tash.

Off to take Costya to have an X Ray of his jaw now. He is having much orthodontic treatment as his teeth in his top jaw have followed a different path to most of the human race and are Doing Their Own Thing in his mouth. His bottom jaw sticks well over his top jaw and having seen his X Ray we both agree that he has an Amazing Jaw Line and he is not going to have surgery to make it Normal. I think he should carry a copy of his X Ray around with him and whip it out when the conversation flags. "Look" he will say, "at my amazing jaw line. Don't you wish you had one?" We were also moved, when we were looking at his Amazing Jaw Line in the X Ray of his head at the Dentists, by his Jutting Brow. Wow, we both thought, separately. That is Pre Historic. My son therefore, is a modern opinionated and deeply fascinating Neanderthal and it is proved by the dentist's X Rays of his head. I gave birth to an intelligent and deeply opinionated Cave Man.

So, thanks to Tasha, the world is turning and life is happening. I am full of light and bubbles and All Things Are Possible. Time to go with Neanderthal Son to the Dentist and admire another X Ray of his head.

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