Thursday 22 April 2010

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So. Thursday Already. What Does That Mean In The Grand Scheme Of Things?

My Old Granddad used to give us a sentence to punctuate. See if you can do it. Answer will be at the bottom of todays post.

time flies you cant they fly too fast

And if you manage to do it, then you should be very pleased with yourself, as none of us could make sense of it. In fact, take the rest of the day off and spend it in a chocolate shop.

What is happening here? I am not so tired, and time has taken on a new meaning. Before today, perhaps till the day before yesterday, time was a Bugger. There wasn't enough of it and most things that needed to be done didn't fit into it. I wasn't at fault for over planning, oh no. It was all time's fault and therefore beyond me to fix. Time was the Thing That Was Stopping Me or at least, time was Getting In My Way (if such a thing can be possible). Then, noting very sensibly that I was losing the plot and becoming a ferocious but drooping blob, I took Time Off. Tuesday afternoon I cut short my engagements (such that they were) in London and came home. I went early to bed and then, at some point, Wednesday arrived.

Wednesday! The day in the calender that has nothing in it all except for wide, white, blank space!

I saw the French Student and 13 Year Old Son off to Wherever and went and had a bath in my silent empty bathroom, with a large clean empty house around me, and had lots of tea and bread and jam. In the bath. The sun shone through the window and I thought Ho Hum, More Of This Please.

There were Things To Deal with that really needed to be done, and for a small moment, I became sulky and mutinous because What The Goddam Hell Things That Need To Be Done On Wednesday When There Is No Writing In The Diary I Might As Well Commit Suicide ... until I thought of how, in times like these, the Dalai Lama would just Smile and engage some part of his Advanced Brain in Peace, Contemplation and Acceptance. And Barak Obama, when he was having a bubble bath in the sunny bathroom of his choice, would have long ago conquered his fury if Michele came in with the phone and said "G7 on the phone, dear".

So I made the Things To Deal With part of a Fun Day and do you know? They were easy and quick to sort out. I spent the morning in Bognor on my bike, being at One with the Outside (part of the plan to make the Things To Deal With easier to do) and came back to a fabby lunch of my choice, and an afternoon with the sun shining through the window of my studio, painting Angels on Pebbles for Arundel.

At 4pm a lovely Quaker friend came for tea, and so on till at 8pm I was in bed. Yes. The day of my Recovery, Wednesday, was almost Over and I was happy again. From 8pm I answered some phone calls, don't quite know what I said or who was on the phone but I am sure that if I was scarey they will call back today. 13 Year Old Son was doing his homework somewhere downstairs (in itself a miracle. He doesn't believe in Homework) with the French Student. He kept rushing upstairs to tell me something garbled and relevant to his world, and having bounced off the walls in my room and broken a few valuables, rushed back downstairs to do some more Geography to the Simpsons on telly which I was powerless to prevent because I had become paralysed and enchanted all at once with pleasure at being in my bed and theoretically Unassailable.

So. Time today is my Friend. I am happy with it, it is fitting in nicely with my schedule, and my schedule is fitting in nicely with my capabilities. I accept that time is only a concept, and that it was really my fault that I couldn't get everything done in such a concept, and am happy to say that All Is Well Again, And Time Is Not A Bugger.

Time flies, you can't, they fly too fast.

Did you get it? Take the afternoon off anyway, and enjoy the chocolates.

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  1. A bath with bread and jam - sounds great. Glad you had time in the sun with the angels. I had an alternative answer of the puzzle, not quite right but with stops in the same place. But the penny has just dropped and now I know what it means I like this version. "Time flies? You can't - they fly too fast." It's a great puzzle and belongs in Eats Shoots and Leaves. You should send it to Lynn Truss.