Monday 17 May 2010

Cancel The Art, Am Still In Oireland for my website for my other website for the A Graceful Death exhibition of Paintings At The End Of A Life to email me

Cancel The Art, Am Still In Oireland

Here I am at my lovely friends' house in Dublin. This suits me fine, I can stay here for weeks and weeks if I must, and send for my other two children and my suitcases and table cloths, and take it like a Man.

Yesterday, my flight was cancelled from Dublin to Gatwick because of the Volcanic Ash. "Oh No!" I cried trying not to look insincere. "13 Year Old Son and I will have to stay here!" And so we have. My friends are trying to dull my anxiety by making me strong tea with lots of milk, and saying No No No, You Go On The Computer First. We Will Fit Around You - and - Take As Much Milk Tray As You Like, We Can Do Without.

So all in all, it's better for me, if the truth were known, to stay here. It is much nicer here and my anxiety may switch to hoping my flight is delayed or cancelled again.

I am not that anxious. It is wonderful to be here, and really, all I have to do at home is earn a living and finish my paintings. And feed the Student who still hasn't complained. He sent me a nice message telling me to enjoy my extra time in Dublin. What a nice fellow. I had and eye test this morning which I can rearrange. I was going to pick up two paintings from Middleton Artist Friend and catch up on Arty News. Then I was going to finish the African Ladies On A Beach painting for the birthday present commission and do some more Angels on Stones for Arundel. Oh well. Just have to stay here and be looked after and fed and supported and loved and inspired and rested. Oh well. Like I say, Take It Like A Man.

A few words about the Dublin Friends. I have known my darling friend for years and years. She is supremely creative and inventive and passionate about making things. Her work is stunning and she has always inspired me. So, Darling Friend finds the nicest Irish man ever and marries him . They don't sit around with any old house in Dublin. Oh no. "Let us," they say to each other,"build ourselves and Eco House." And so they do. Two children arrive (one of which is my goddaughter and very proud I am of her too) (all my own work, she is) (only joking), and the diggers arrive, the plot is secured and in time, an Eco House is built. "Jolly Good" they say to each other, "now let us make it very fabby inside and so every friend we have will marvel at what we can do in and those in Bognor can find themselves breathless with admiration" . And hey presto it is done.

That is where I am now. I am off to have a Meeting with them both now, because they want to show A Graceful Death here in September or October. What have I done to deserve them? Dunno but I am not complaining. Put the kettle on, I am feeling Anxious again. (Sincere look).

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  1. Hi Antonia, this is Florence, not sure if you remember me, but you gave me some painting lessons about 6 years ago. I'm an American that was in England for a few months, I was about 16 at the time, but I'm now finishing university with a degree in art and education. I'm doing pretty much nothing but painting this semester and I found your blog which I'm finding highly entertaining, hope you are doing well!