Friday 7 May 2010

Whoops. Pressure Is On To Finish Paintings. Forgot About That. for the latest on the A Graceful Death exhibition next due in Oxford in July

The Pressure Is Not Only On To Finish The Paintings, The Pressure Is On To Start Them
As I ambled into the studio this morning, fresh from a jolly nice bath, I decided to meditate for 20 minutes to start the day as One Who Is One With All. "Om," I said (or similar. I do Transendential so I can't tell you what I say or God will explode), "Om." As is usual with meditation, I think, my mind started to go all over the place. I saw my diary filling up I saw the house filling up with bed and breakfast over the Summer and then - suddenly - I saw the end of May is nigh and I have two paintings to finish before then. Panic. "Omomomomomom" I said as quickly as possible and then thought Blow This For A Lark, I Need To Paint. So I stopped mid meditate and came in here to do the Blog and then go in and goddam do the work. Perhaps half my mind is orbiting Mars at the moment and I may produce an interesting couple of pieces until I go back to finish the meditating and welcome half my mind back.

The canvas and the wood for the paintings are prepared. The Oils are on the Oils Table at the far end of the studio for the big wood painting, and the Acrylics are on the Acrylics Table at the near end of the studio for the small canvas painting. The radio will be on and I expect all I will here about is the Election but that's OK. It is radio 4 and I must be clever to be listening to it.

Here is the rest of the news in bullet form.

  • While I was meditating the Hamster came out and stumbled around its cage and went back to its house. Why it didn't go on its wheel is a mystery and why it came out in daylight is also a mystery. I am always amazed that the Hamster is still alive, so I am torn between admiration, worry and confusion. So, it seems, is the Hamster.

  • I have had to change where I put my cash. I put it into the furthest teapot on the teapot shelf (I have many teapots, all on three shelves and I decide which to use depending on my mood). 20 Year Old Daughter did what all right minded daughters do, made me a pot of tea while I was coming home from Tescos, to give me strength when I came home and spent hours putting the shopping away. "Eeek" I said on arrival, "which teapot did you use?" "The one at the back furthest away from everything on the Teapot shelf", she said sweetly. "Why?" I showed her why. We went and fished around the teabags in the pot and pulled out some brown 10, 20 and 5 pound notes. "Ha ha!" she said delighted, "wait till I text and facebook all my friends and tell them what I did and where you keep your money ha ha ha!" I dried my brown notes and spent them as quickly as possible and so far there is no feedback in the press about some brown forged notes circulating in Bognor Regis. All my cash gets put into this new fangled thing now, called A Bank

  • I went to Scotland and 13 Year Old Son said Goodbye with his eyes on a level with mine.

  • I came back from Scotland 4 days later and 13 Year Old Son answered the door and I thought he was standing on a box. Goddamn he grew in 4 days and I wasn't even there to keep him fed. So even on starvation rations (a meal every few hours instead of every half hour) he grows.

  • Costya is coming home tonight. "I want to spend the evening with you", he says. This means Eyeball to Eyeball for hours while he tries to talk me into buying him a small flat in London/take him on safari/change my will in his favour.

Here, so that you can all relax, is a photo of Alan and me on our Highland Safari and Bob of the Kilt took the photo.

Aaaah. Tigger and Captain Birdseye on holiday.

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