Friday 14 May 2010

Off To Dublin This Weekend. And Why Not? for my website for my other website. A bit different, take a look for the A Graceful Death exhibition to email me

Dublin Now, Me Hearties. Off To Oirland.

And why not? I said above in the first title. Why not indeed. This will be a very small blog because I am so busy getting ready and trying to avoid doing anything too arty before I go and messing up my clothes with oils and feeling stressed about not finishing the arty thing and feeling on the one hand guilty about taking another 3 days off to trip the light fantastic, and on the other a feeling of euphoric entitlement that This Is My Due.

Even my sentences are breathless. Right. Calm down. Breathe - two, three - start again. Hem hem. Pregant pause.

Today, I am going to Oirland. I am taking 13 Year Old Son to visit my dearest old friend (apart from Eileen, Tasha, Gair and Hazel) who lives in Dublin. The visit is for me to see my dear wonderful gorgeous talented friend again (and try and persuade her to elope with me) and also to reward 13 Year Old Son for being so co operative and agreeable as I have had to go on holidays and fun days out so often recently. I thought a fun day out and holiday combined with him being with me was the best reward. And my ever patient, ever witty Dublin friend and family said, as they do so often to me and my lot, Yes.

So here I am. Full up with breakfast. Clutching my £5.00 voucher off anything except a flight in Gatwick, bags packed and all violent killing implements like deodorants, toothpaste, nail files, diet coke, sulphuric acid removed from my hand luggage. The fridge is full of dreadful carbohydrate laden easy food for the French Student who still hasn't complained, and for Costya the Teenage Overlord who comes home tonight. The student, mind you, writes huge amounts for his university in France and emails his assignments over to his tutors. Maybe there are coded messages in the essays, which amount to "Get me out of here. She is Mad and the food is Carbohydrate Laden" when they are finally deciphered.

Can't wait to see Dublin Friend! She has the Answers to the Universe and we shall have a little pow wow over tea and I will be Told Them.

Talking of which, I have a pot of tea in the studio next door getting stewed under the new pink glittery tea cosy I made. Eileen set fire the one I had before. It was a tea cosy over which I had made a neon pink fluffy cover and it looked like a very big, hairy, neon bug. After Eileen set it on fire, like a pheonix from the ashes, another more modest pink and silver tea cosy cover has arisen. It was time to change it anyway, Eileen was only following The Plan that Fate Had In Mind to make me do a new more useful teacosy cover. Better go and have the tea before something happens to this one.

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