Monday 16 February 2009

A Difficult Day But Nothing I Can't Handle

I am laying out my new Jesus on the Tube for my lovely American family. They are not only a good looking bunch but have very artistic and interesting hearts too. Three little children, mum and dad, dog and cat.

Today is difficult because my foundations have been rocked. I won't go into it here but it has made me aware that human beings have so much to overcome if they are to learn and move forward. It is easy to succumb to pressure and make other people happy if that is what they want. It is hard if what they want is bad for you but very good for them. And they want you to do what makes them feel better whatever it is and whatever the consequences because they are very unsound themselves and it is better that you do what they want than expose them to themselves by saying No.

So today I have to say No to someone. To three people today and one later when I can. For this reason my hands are shaking when I am doing my Jesus on the Tube and my heart is beating fast. I don't expect to be understood but I will state my case anyway.

There are no paintings on the blog today. It is a difficult day and I will get through to bedtime tonight.

I love my bed. It is red and has white fluffy cushions on it. It has other cushions I have made out of pretty dress material in pinks and greens - vibrant tones and shades and full of warmth and colour. There is a magenta Indian curtain with little mirrors in it across the red duvet cover, and my curtains are made from magenta silky material and matching net stapled together by my cousin Marlayna who knows just what I want and need. I have earrings hanging from lampshades and other rimmed surfaces for easy access to my ears, and my other jewelery is hanging openly on hooks on the wall. Above my bed I have my prized Susie Scott paintings, commissioned to exactly my recommendations and painted by Susie in true and perfect Susie style. I also have my first Square of Happiness in the wall. It replaces all the photos I now don't want on my walls.

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  1. Very sorry things aren't so good. Email me? Be strong as you know you can be. And don't forget to take care of yourself.