Monday 9 February 2009

Is It Possible To Maintain Enthusiasm After Breakfast

I find the anticipation of breakfast so exciting, that I have to tell myself that when breakfast is over there is still hope. I can do the same about lunch, a little later on.

My breakfast is a pot of tea and something to eat - weight watcher stuff as I am aiming to lose another 7lb to make it 2 stone -in my pre-heated studio while anticipating the painting jobs ahead. When the breakfast is over, I have to do the painting jobs ahead. Then it is only the thought of lunch that makes me feel I can do it.

This is heightened on Monday mornings. By Friday I can have breakfast at 11am and not fall apart.

Today. Today I will put bricks on the Ross House. I will dedicate the day to the Ross painting and let it all happen. My day today though, is punctuated by a sick daughter in bed, a son that needs collecting and then taking somewhere and then collected again. And then there is more food, as my kids eat for Britain. I have to buy some, and chat with the kids in the evening. Later I will come back in here, about 8pm and stay till about 9pm if the light is not too draining.

When I get the Honeymoon Portrait from Eileen Rafferty ( who photographed it, along with three of the six little angels, I will put them up here. All was well received on Friday, and I am very glad.

Off to the Ross House, my tea and the thought of Lunch only a few hours away. Go go go.

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