Thursday 7 May 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Today is a day of organising, gathering thoughts, pulling together threads that need to be pulled together. Get ready now for an advert

MAY 9/10 AND MAY16/17
11AM - 5PM
See the following website to see all the artists taking part in this Open Doors Studio Thing
End of Advert.
So today, I have finished my Jesus on the Tube and look forward to a lovely hour or so at the framers talking about frames. I will pre-order the Secret London Commission frame so that it will be ready for instant completion when I bring it in. An old school friend may drop in and I am thrilled to see her if she does. I will decide what to paint Secret London Commission on (oils on board or acrylics on paper) and I will begin to get stuff ready to show for this weekends Open Studios. To which you are all coming. OK?
So busy busy busy. I had a setback this morning. I opened a jar of black cherry jam and thought I will have this magnificent stuff on some rice cakes. So in went the spoon and thanks to the generosity of the Jam Maker, it was stuffed full of Cherries. I spread (balanced) cherries on the rice cakes, tiny bits of spreadable jam in between - I thought, "This will be delicious. Just look at all these Jammy Cherries, there must be about 7 per rice cake. And yum, I have four rice cakes." Oh but jammy cherries, hundreds of jammy cherries, on rice cakes is rich stuff. By the third rice cake I was groaning and feeling heavy and strained. "Nonsense" I said sternly to myself, "this is only jam and rice cakes. Finish your breakfast and stop sliding dangerously off the chair". So I finished the last rice cake and cherry jam and one and a half hours on, am still thinking of going back to bed with a cold compress on my forehead.
Just as tea, at the right temperature, in the right mug, pot and teacosy, will set you up for the day, guage your mental health and prospects for the next few hours, too much of the wrong breakfast will sap your energy, cause your brain to droop and concentrate all your energies on your gurgling and suffering stomach. I will never eat again. ( Sort of)
Didn't the ancient Greeks say the seat of all emotions was in your stomach? There. My emotions have been disabled by Cherries in the Jam and Rice Cakes. I can only hope to make sense of the rest of the day.

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