Friday 29 May 2009

Sun Is Shining, Hammock Up, Why Am I Not On It?

A real paradox for us busy people. We dream of lying in the hammock and doing nothing. The sun is shining, the flowers are nodding gently and the bees hum nearby (but not ON) us. The offspring are happy and the house is tidy. Most important, the work is done and there are only the details to see to now. So why, why, am I at my computer, looking throught the studio window at my hammock as it gently sways under a tree with budding sweet peas climbing up the trunk, with bright deep pink roses budding in the flower bed next to it, peonies appearing out of nowhere and looking glorious? Why indeed. It is because I am not quite used to freedom. I think Whooooa. Painting's finished, feel odd, am at a loose end, must fiddle.

So today I have joined Freecycle, I have looked at a street map on Slindon, I have chatted to my fascinating painter and decorator and I have sat in a bright pink skirt in a deep pink armchair and listened to Barry Humphries on Desert Island Discs. I have emptied the dishwasher, I have had a shower. I have changed my flip flops from one type of pink to another and back again. And then it is time to go to my meeting in Chichester about Steve's exhibition.

So really, I must have not wanted to lie in the hammock. I am still not peaceful enough. There is a time limit on my time there, and there is a nice man in my house painting and decorating. My 12 year old has a party from 2 till 9, my 15 year old has extra maths from 4 to 6. I have a meeting at 12. Bah. It's not a lazy day at all. It just doesn't have any painting in it. Or to be precise, it doesn't have this particular Secret Commission to be painted in it.

Oh but the hammock looks good. Maybe later this afternoon some time will suddenly present itself as unconditionally peaceful. And I will lie in my pink skirt, my pink teeshirt, specially selected pink flip flops on the large white hammock ( a birthday present from the ever generous Alan) and sway quietly next to the budding sweet peas (pink), peonies (deep magenta) and roses (bright hot pink). But...maybe not. Just had word that my frame is ready and I need to go and do it today at some time. Ah well. Just the thought of lying in that blissful hammock will have to suffice today.

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