Tuesday 17 May 2011

A Strawberry Fairy, A Dark Angel, A Long Red Pointy Pepper Fairy, A PMT Angel...

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If You Don't See Your Dream Fairy or Angel This Weekend, Commission One From Me. 
  Angels, Earrings, Fairies and Cakes by
Antonia Rolls

Strawberry Fairy.  5" x 7"

You are warmly invited to a weekend sale of Paintings, Prints and Handmade Earrings
Wine and Tea and Cakes 
Red Pointy Pepper Fairy 5x7"      Dark Angel 5x7"                 Calm Angel 5x7"
Saturday May 21 10am - 9 pm to
 Sunday May 22 10am - 9 pm
127 Worple Road, Wimbledon SW20
Bath Angel 5 x 7"
 Sale in aid of the A Graceful Death projects, the Film and the Exhibition.

 www.agracefuldeath.blogspot.com for more information

I aim to have this sale of Angels and Fairies and fun things while also displaying the latest information about the A Graceful Death exhibition and film.  The weekend is about having fun with all of you, with colour, fun, wit and humour, alongside the serious business of raising funds for the A Graceful Death exhibition and film.  

The A Graceful Death Film Project -
Making a film of the effect an exhibition of paintings of death and the end of life (A Graceful Death, paintings from the end of life) has on those who are involved in the works, and those who come to experience them at exhibitions.   Showing how the exhibition is created and broadcast, and hearing what those who love it say, and those who don't love it, say.  And very significantly, showing how it feels to paint a sitter as they approach the end of their life, or as they face an uncertain future.  A section of the exhibition shows Survivors too, those who have come through illness, or the bereavement process, and are living again.
Click on the link below to see our video and to hear more and to donate to this important work. 

Well.  What a fun time I have had in the studio.  14 Year Old Son has recovered and gone back to school, and is no longer in pain.  I was terribly pleased that he had penicillin  because that did the trick and it was just bed, sleep and ice cream for a week (only for him) which suited me very well, loving mother that I am.  I could get on obsessively with the pictures, earrings, cakes and all the admin for the sale coming up this weekend in Wimbledon.  To which you are all coming, remember?  You cancelled the in-laws and put the dog in the kennels, remember?  The car has been serviced and filled with petrol (no expense spared) and space created on your sitting room walls for the Angels and Fairies that you are buying - remember?  Good.  As you were.

It has been a singular experience, painting from dawn to midnight.  This is how artists of old must have felt, inspired and focussed with nothing else in their lives but their art.  I have been churning out paintings of Fairies and Angels with enthusiasm.  I need months to really do as many as were in my mind - I never got round to the Aubergine Fairy or the Hysterical Angel.  These that I have done are small, 5" x 7", and are lovely bursts of wit and colour.  If only I didn't have the A Graceful Death to persue (with a passion, it is where my heart is), if only I didn't have to look after the kids and have a life, I could fill exhibition spaces with Mood Angels and Fruit and Vegetable Fairies and drift off into orbit in a gentle swirl of colour and jollity.  Another time, perhaps.

Today I am doing 70 pairs of earrings.  Here is an example -

I have made an earring board with 70 hooks in it which looks great.  14 Year Old Son wished me luck in making 70 pairs of earrings, and I realised that I had made a very ambitious display board that would mean another dawn to midnight splurge of creativity.   I will start with care and precision, matching and loving each bead with the next but by earring 70 I will be wild, furious and obsessive.  On the display board then, the story will be thus: earrings one to thirty two will be nice and thoughtful, made with a customer in mind and very professional.  Earrings thirty three to fifty seven will show signs of stress and eccentricity, they will be long and made of unmatched beads and baubles. Earrings fifty eight to sixty five will be off the wall and a bit alarming with lots of black and maybe hooks at each end and earrings sixty six to seventy will show meltdown and will have bits of teabag, old banana and paracetamol as part of the design.

A RAFFLE! ON SUNDAY EVENING at the Angels and Fairies and Earrings Weekend
 There will be a raffle on Sunday evening, and the prizes are as follows ...I will give you the dream version first and then the real prizes will follow

1.  First prize is my son.  A nice 14 Year Old to feed and get off to school each day and don't forget his boxing gloves.  He comes with another Son and a Daughter but they are self sufficient, living away from home and will only be part time.

2.  Second prize is for you to have the honour of cleaning my house, top to bottom and then do my washing.

3.  Third prize is for you, lucky winner, to make me tea for a whole year, whenever I want it.  And to feed me eggy sandwiches whenever I want them.

OK.  The Real Prizes -

1.  A beautiful framed print of Jesus on the Tube.  Jesus on the Tube is the best known and most popular of my paintings and has a whole website dedicated to it.  Even the Archbishop of Canturbury has his own personalised Jesus on the Tube.  www.jesusonthetube.co.uk for more information.  Photographed by Eileen Rafferty, a superb photographer and print maker

2.  A framed oil painting of cyclamen in a spotty bowl. I  painted this for the sheer love of it, I love plants and flowers and when I have time, I love to paint them.  About 17" x 30".

3.  An Angel or Fairy of your choice - I will paint it and send it to you in the post.

4.  A custom made pair of earrings, you choose the beads and I will make them up for you.

5.  A chocolate biscuit.  Digestive.  Oh boy.

This weekend of Earrings, Angels, Fairies and Cakes is of course, in aid of raising funds and awareness of the A Graceful Death exhibition and film. There will be opportunites to donate to this very important project, and I will be happy to talk with you about what it all means, what I am doing and where it is all going.  And in the meantime, come - buy Fairies, buy Angels, buy Earrings and buy the yummiest cakes to have with your cups of tea (or wine if it all gets too much). 
Come anyway, and you are warmly welcome.  I look forward to seeing you.

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