Friday 26 June 2009

A Droopy Start, Climbing Upwards

First, thank you all for responding to the Print Sale. I am really grateful for all of you who bought the images, thank you.

The Droopy Start. Well, it rained in the night, and the blue sky I have been waking up to turned into a grey uninspiring kind of sky. I had been getting used to waking up at about 6 with a feeling of promise and excitement in the air. The bright sunny early morning light seeming to say in an Enid Blyton Famous Five kind of way, Ho there Antonia, jolly well get up and explore. So I would get out of bed at 6.30 and run my little 15 minute circuit, coming back to make of this bright day with all its promise, something very satisfying.

Today, I woke to grey rain and the constant noise of my neighbours overflow pipe. And Michael Jackson had died, and I had had limited sleep because I was on the phone till late. And 12 year old son had to be woken and sent to school and it was all too too boring.

I didn't go for my run. I sloped off into the kitchen thinking the day was going to be lost to gloom and furious muttering from me.

And then the sun came out! I took another lead from the Famous Five and threw my shoulders back, stood up straight and gave myself a stern talking to. I say Old Girl, I said to myself, looking serious and authoratitive, Pull yourself together and jolly well play the game. I mean to say old thing, don't let the bally weather get you down. Beastly start to the day and all that, but, you know, you simply have to get over it.

So I did. And am. Over it. I am off to London now to see my dear dear friend, and on to see another old school chum and then home in time to go to an Abba Queen Beatles Tribute Thing at Goodwood with Alan. What is more, I am wearing a bright pink dress, pink toenails and pink lipstick. I am able to shine, even if the sun doesn't.

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