Thursday 18 June 2009

Treat Yourselves To A Painting

My Dear Friends, Cheer Youselves Up With Some Fun and Colour

Today you are going to buy prints and make yourselves happy.

I have one Jesus on the Tube print left. Mounted on dark red and measuring 8"x 8". It is a quality print and needs a new home. I am selling this one for £25, ten pounds less than my normal price.

With all these prints, postage and packaging will add a bit extra, a few pounds I should think. Not much though.

This is my most famous image, and has its own website. Visit and see what it is all about.

And now onto something more frivolous.

Two Pretty Angels on the left,

and a vase of Flowers with a Tiny Ladybird on bottom right.

Blue Angel in the Sky

I have wonderful A3 prints of these images for £10 each. But only a few left I am glad to say. Printed on lovely thick paper specially chosen to enhance the colour and happiness.

The originals are Acrylic on canvas and are 9"x 12"and are £50 each. As with them all, postage and packing are a couple of quid extra.

And now onto something even more frivolous and fun

A Blue Brunette Lady print. This is part of the Ladies Series. Originals are about 48"x 30".

The prints are A4 size, mounted and ending up 12"x 16"

These are usually £40, but because I love you all I am going to ask for £25 for them. Postage and packing will be extra, and won't amount to that much.

There is something magical and wistful about this lady, just turning to see something of huge significance over her shoulder.

The utterly lovely Undressing Lady
who is proud and beautiful. You can imagine
the power of the original at 4' tall. The print
I am selling of her is stong and vibrant, like the
original painting. Ladies have loved this painting!

And the Blue Bottom Lady. As with the Undressing Lady, a 4' bum is really something. There are two of these yummy bottom prints left, they have been so popular.

On the left here, is Green Teeshirt Lady. She is wearing my best black and white spotty knickers.

On the right, the very popular Yellow Lady who has been the most popular image of them all. I have two prints of her left.

And last of all, how is this for a triptych painting of the Divine with a Common Touch -

Jesus Finding Divinity Hard After A Late Night Out

This is the original Triptych and is about 6"x 4". Acrylic on canvas and the word on the right hand painting is "zzzz". It will be, all three of them together, for you, £90.

Ok people. Contact me on and buy either yourself or someone else a present. I will even gift wrap it for you, if it is for someone important.

Check out my website for all my images and styles

Thank you.

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