Sunday 17 January 2010

Blog On A Sunday? Has It Come To This? for my website for the latest on the A Graceful Death coming to London in February if you want to email me

An 18th Birthday Portrait of a lovely young lady called Maud. With champagne and high shoes and bubbles of the Bubbly in the paintings. Oil on Wood.

Is This The Path I Wish To Follow?

Yes, I think it is. What is a Sunday to a busy Artist, Mother, Friend, Partner and Family Member but Just Another Day? So Yes, it has come to this, I am blogging on the Lord's Day and quite possibly this is the path I have been following for some time. Each day in my life is filled with Things. In order to run smoothly (or even run at all) the washing has to be done, the house kept in order, appointments made noted and kept, food bought, meals cooked, meals washed up, Motherly Love dispensed down the phone, Motherly Love dispensed here in my house, broken windows/sofas/hamster cages/dvds all mended or removed and so on. There is also the Talking To Friends And Family section of the day, which is only fair as Friends and Family keep me going. It is just that if I am trying to get the washing done and the dinner cooked before writing an article for something and worrying about the Still Life in the studio dying before I can paint it and get paid, I can seem curt and unimaginative on the phone. If I am not careful I can get myself into a pickle at this point and am forced to have a hot bath and read a detective story and not get anything done at all, necessary or not. I seek, when I get into a pickle, oblivion and heat. Getting drunk in the oven you may chortle, but that wouldn't work for me, you wags. I feel the springs in my head pinging out of place and my nuts, bolts and wheels flying off into outer space, so it is probably a Darwinian Survival Technique learned may thousands of years ago when I was a cave woman/artist/mother/friend/partner/family member.

So here I am blogging on a Sunday evening. I have much to do this week. This still life I am mentioning so much is a wonderful display of flowers that is only hanging onto life because my studio gets so cold. It has to be done this week, and I will be very happy to have it done. I have then only 5 weeks to get the next A Graceful Death publicised for its showing in London. Here is the venue and the dates

A Graceful Death is coming to London in February.
Held at 127 Worple Road, Wimbledon, London SW19 3AY
care of Clarissa de Wend Fenton

24 February to 28 February inclusive.

Open Night Wednesday 24 February from 6pm to 9pm
Closing Night Sunday 28 February from 6pm to 9pm

Open from 10am to 5pm daily.

I will send all invitations and publicity soon, and look forward to seeing you all there. I am adding another painting to the exhibition, which I think will be very good indeed.
This is not one of those jolly rolling blogs I sometimes do when the birdies are singing and the day is full of promise. This is a furiously efficient blog, getting my thoughts in order and Making A Start. When I come to the studio tomorrow, I will barely glance at my computer. There will be no need, I will have stayed up until the early hours of the morning completing My Tasks. I will have succeeded in doing two blogs, sending details and information to an online magazine for an article on A Graceful Death, writing up all the notes taken last week while meeting with the Magnificent Clarissa who will put the exhibition on in her home, planning out the press release and last but not least, going onto Twitter A Lot and checking my Facebook every 5 minutes just in case someone puts a comment on my wall.

More fun news from the studio next time. Maybe because this is the Lord's Day, all blogging turns into serious, itemised planning and preparation for Monday morning. And on Monday, blogging, released from its seriousness of the day before, explodes into a gay and frolicksome account of the Fun Had Over The Weekend, and all is well with the world again.

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