Thursday 21 January 2010

Going To Cycle Today. Bah. for the latest news on the A Graceful Death exhibition in Wimbledon, London in February for my website to email me

Cycling To Barnaham Today. Grrrr.

It's just such a long way away and I am cold now. Why did God
  • Make it cold
  • Create Winter
  • Make me cold
  • Make Barnham a good 7 miles away
  • Make me out of practice
  • Make me a Blobby Type of person

All of this is Not Fair. I have Free Choice, I have A Will, I have the Power to Choose and the Power to Discern. I am exercising all of them in having a moan.

Just think, when I come back from Barnham, I will be able to have lunch and will feel very pleased with myself. I can have Eggy Toast for lunch, lots of it and it won't matter. I expect too that I will design my Antonia Rolls Fabby Me Artist Brochure too with one hand, while finishing the flowers Still Life with the other because I Can, because I have moved the boundaries and cycled to Barnham and back. Only fly in the ointment is that I have to move the bike past the car parked in the front drive. That will be a sticky moment, a moment of sheer will power and gritty determination. I will let you know what happened next blog.

The Still Life of Flowers is done. I have put the Urn/Vase on a tiny lacey hanky like the 16 Century Dutch fellows did, and have made the background brown. A nice hot brown which brings out the white of the flowers. I will add some little ladybirds and butterflies now, and it will be done.

The Graceful Death Exhibition is gathering pace. It is being set up and the invites sent out and the information put up where appropriate. Check out the A Graceful Death website on for all the information. You are all graciously and warmly invited to come. And there are two Private Views, one on the Opening Night and one on the Closing Night. How fun is that. After this London showing, it will be going to the Midlands for Easter. Then, I don't know yet. We will see. There are plenty of offers coming in to host it. And at each showing I hope there will at least one more painting or poem about another person's story.

Oh Goodness. Look at the time. Better go and get the goddam bike ready. Grrrr.

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