Tuesday 19 January 2010

What A Jolly Tuesday. Ho Hum.

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Marathon Madonna
A Jolly Piece for you to look at this Tuesday Morning. Here, the Virgin Mary is finishing the Flora London Marathon and is really drooping. But, she finished it and her finish time is spookily exactly the same as mine when I did it in 2004. My feeling is that 5 hours 54 minutes and 3 seconds is faster than the speed of light, considering. I think the Virgin Mary did very well considering someone had to look after the Son of God while she trained and then ran it.
What A Jolly Tuesday.

Ho Hum. It certainly is in a better shape than Sunday when everything was Unformed, Vague and Worrying. I have had Monday to put some things in order, and though my life is still A Huge Expanse Of Possibilities, I am not so concerned. I have still to put in place my A Graceful Death publicity, such that it is, and to do the invites. The AGD blog is up and running again. I am painting these goddam flowers as they try and stay alive while I try and paint them, I may have to just take photos and chill out a bit.

I had a lovely weekend! My poor 13 Year Old Son, who thinks that if he starts his new term on Monday, by Friday he has done enough, went out to play Ice Football with his less mad friends. I must be fair and say that my 13 Year Old Son is a wonderful passionate friendly funny and loving creature, who also is a bit of a rebel. He is known too for not understanding Body Space and being just where you want to go when you want to go there, in the kitchen for example - I want to turn from the cooker to the cupboard and there is 13 Year Old Son in precisely the space I need to step into or we will all fall over. "Oh Sorry" he says and moves a bit into the only other space that will save our lives, and we do all fall over. Or, I am listening to him talk and he expands his narrative with arms and legs flailing and rocking on his chair and then the chair falls over and somehow the things on the table fall on his head and the lights fuse and and and...

So I get a call to say that 13 Year Old Son is in hospital with Matron as he has broken his wrist. I cancel everything and race back from London and find Matron and Son in the X Ray department. I remember to kiss Son on his head and murmer loving things but he wants to know if I have any sandwiches. He is fine, so Matron goes back to school and Son gets his plaster and sling and kudos all in one go.

On Saturday, we go to Alan's where his annual Tennis New Year Party is due to set the town alight later that evening. Alan is Chairman of his local Tennis Club, and a fine dedicated bunch they are too. I have been to a few do's there, and have also gone on occaision to watch Alan play, which I enjoy. The clubhouse is tiny, and was set out with fairy lights and music, looking really festive. Everyone brought food and drink, and set about having a lovely evening out. I have to say, this tennis club has the nicest people in it. They play tennis well and with enthusiasm, and party well with enthusiasm. They always make me welcome, and I do so enjoy their company. They also love seeing Alan being human, because dear Alan is a bit of a Big Cheese and when he asked me if his shirt looked better in or out, and does his tummy look big in this, the lady I was talking to gave a whoop of joy. "He is like us!" she cried, " he is not invincible!"
Back to today. I must paint the Goddamm Flowers now. Then cycle into town for some exercise (damn. Out of practice. Don't want to.) and smile and sing a merry ditty as 16 Year Old Son is home too, and likes a conducive atmosphere for his Royal Visits. Ho Hum.

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