Thursday 18 February 2010

How Are You All Today? for the latest on the A Graceful Death coming to Wimbledon next week

"Angel Happy With Her Teapots" oil on wood, about 6"x 6". This is me today
Well Then, How Are You All Then, My Hearties?

Good I hope. It is raining, and we are all probably stuck indoors because of it. I know Alan is, he can't play tennis tonight because it is so wet. How about you? Annoyed because you had so many out door activities planned and you can't do any of them? Or you had decided at long last to go and Fell That Blinking Tree, had psyched yourself up and now look at it outside. Rain, drizzle, rain, heavy rain and then rain. Not good for the chain saw, you say, and go back indoors and put on the kettle. Or today was the day you and your dog were going to Go For A Walk. At last, the way was clear, the Mood was Upon You (both). It was going to be a long one, and today was the day you and the dog were going to lose some weight and it would all have been fine if only the goddam rain had not set in and goddam spoilt everything. You and Dog look at each other, by the back door, and feel the cold of the rain seep through the ether to say to you both "Ooooh. Muddy, this kind of rain. Not good for the bones. Or shoes. Or plans to live a long and healthy life. Bit too much like hard work, this kind of rain." So you sigh and say to the dog that you'll both go a bit later when it is less likely to be A Strain. You go and put the kettle on and Dog goes and gratefully falls asleep on the sofa.

Maybe you love the rain. Maybe you can't bear the restriction of the warm dry inside, and long to stride with purpose throught the rain and if you can get it, sleet. Perhaps you are Poetic, or Tough, or A Child Of Nature. Maybe you feel people are not your thing, and Nature is Where You Are At. Maybe you have a poem coming on, and need to have a bit of extreme (ish) weather to get it into gear. Or maybe you like being wet and cold so you can have a hot bath when you get back in and eat more than usual as a reward.

Well, I got onto my bike today, poised and dressed for the weather, only to exclaim with mock exasperation when a drop of rain fell onto my upturned face. "Oh no," I said sternly to myself. "This here is rain, and I will get wet. Oh best take the car". And I did.

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