Monday 15 February 2010

Nice Weekend, Started Late Today, With Scrambled Eggs On Toast. The Only Way To Go. for the latest on A Graceful Death in London Feb 24 - Feb 28 for my website to email me

So. About Those Scrambled Eggs

They were wonderful. They came on top of many good dinners and lunches over the weekend, and so I am needing to reign in a bit. Scrambled Eggs make the day go well, they have a mystical power that means that if you eat them, your day will go smoothly and well and there will be World Peace etc. I have eaten mine, and lo. I am in the studio and Womans Hour had a fantastic piece on girls and maths and a nice new drama serial, and Hiram Burnett looks good on the easle, and my gnomes are drying happily. None of that would have happened if I had not had scrambled eggs.

So. My weekend was wonderful. Alan has some lovely tennis club friends, and one such lovely couple asked us to dinner on Saturday night. What a lovely evening we had. The company was always going to be good, I very much like the lady who invited us. I did not really know her husband, but an evening in their house showed him to be as kind and hospitable and interesting as his wife. Really, when I am entertained with such effortless ease and fed such good food, I feel very privilaged. There were another tennis couple there who were great fun too, and lots of jolly stories of Tennis Club Life made me very keen to go and watch the match being played the next morning just to put a face to all these people whose lives I knew so much of.

The only problem in the weekend was that I forgot my lipstick. I never go anywhere without it, and I am much more presentable in it that without it. So as the weekend wore on my mouth became more and more invisible and disappeared completely on Sunday afternoon. I didn't wipe my mouth or wash my face at all from Saturday morning till late Sunday night, so my mouth only faded by degrees. I tried to make my eyes so full of allure and fire and light that no one would need to look anywhere else on my face. People did say "You look Different..." to me and I tried to make my eyes go like the snake's on Disney's "A Jungle Book". "Trusssst in Meeee...." I tried to make them say. Well, no one ran out of the room so I must have distracted them from thinking I was speaking from a mouthless face.

16 Year Old Son has a job at Wagamamas in London. He passed his trial evening with them last night and I am so proud of him. He has a job where he can feed his Mother. We need to discuss Family Discounts with Wagamama. They need to know that family covers USA, Ireland, Canada and UK. Best be up front about it all, and give them a map to help them contact all the Wagamamas world wide.

Enough. Time to paint Hiram Burnett. He is looking good on my easle. Oh, and the frame for the Still Life will be utterly wonderful. Man in the Framing Shop thought it was really unsuitable and too heavy but client and I cried "It can take it! It is a Tough Old Painting, and Full Of Colour! Cut the frame my man, and cease your feeble complaints." And so he did. Cost £80.

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