Friday 12 February 2010

Painting And Fiddling And Having Fun for the latest information in A Graceful Death coming to London for my website to email me

Painting and Fiddling and Having Fun

Today is Friday. There is nothing in the diary, nothing in the calendar, there is hour upon hour of Time in this Friday, and it is all mine.This day was booked by me to be simply for painting and listening to the radio and chuckling to myself. It is not necessary to do anything around the house, not important to follow up all the Office Stuff (making brochures, designing invites, organising exhibitions, finding new commissions, going on facebook, googling myself). Today is, officially, Studio Time. Hooray. I even put out my crummiest studio clothes last night, like Black Rod might lay out his best lacey cuffs and neck tie on the chair in his bedroom, and gives his black rod a last going over with a dust cloth and squirt of Mr Sheen, before he has to get up and open Parliament in the morning, I laid out my warmest but most stained old trousers, a nice cotton long sleeved teeshirt that is long enough to tuck into my knickers (to keep my kidneys warm) and a pale green cardigan that is such a lovely colour on me (in case Bill Nighy comes calling) but is perfectly dotted with blue and white paint and a few sweet little holes.

I will paint my Still Life which came back for additional butterflies. That will be finished (again) today. I will paint Hiram Burnett for the A Graceful Death exhibition on 23 Feb see for info.

And if I have time, I will make another Gnome to go with the glorious Lady Gnome I made a few days ago.I may not even answer the phone. It depends. I will however, sing along to whatever takes my fancy, and I will have lots of tea in mood-matching teapots and spotty mugs. There may be a sense of the Last Day of Freedom in all this. Today and Tomorrow is the Beginning of Half Term.

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