Sunday 1 August 2010

In A Reggae Fug, Happy To Say Jah Is In My Studio. for my website for my other website for the A Graceful Death exhibition, paintings from the end of life to email me

In A Reggae Fug With Jah Himself In The Studio And Doing Very Nicely Thank You.

Yes, well, they say that Jah Is Within I in the songs I am listening to at the moment.  I have adapted that a little to suit Bognor and Jah is Within My Studio which suits me  for today.  Accompanied by Peter Tosh, Burning Spear, The Gladiators and many more, Jah and I have done a good deal and we have finished the two Makeover Angels that are to be delivered this Wednesday.  Under the influence of back to back reggae, I was going to make the Angel wear red gold and green but I didn't.  My client wouldn't understand, and it would not be any easier for her to understand if I said at the door of her house when handing over the much anticipated Make Over Angel Diptych,  But I Am In A Reggae Fug And All Things Lead To Zion.  She would fix me with a stern look and say with feeling I Gave You A Photo Of My Best Broderie Anglaise Summer Dress And That Is What I Want To Wear.  I would then have to slope off back down to Bognor and put an Edith Piaf CD on and paint the proper outfit. "Je Ne Regret Rien" I would mutter as I painted the Broderie Anglaise properly. In white.

Jah and I have also done a few nice images for the Arundel shop.  I was told to do Cup Cakes and Beach Huts and Deck Chairs (Not by Jah, he just nods sagely when the Reggae is on but doesn't actually speak)  and so I have done some.  I have also done some Cheques, some in and some out, but I didn't have the Reggae on for that because I needed to concentrate.  Jah was not with me for the Admin stuff today.  And not for this Blog Writing either, as I would just write all the words of all the songs being sung in a stream of consciousness and not be very Succinct at all about Life As An Artist And Mother In Bognor Regis.  I know, to my credit, that I can't multi task very well.  It is either one thing or another with me.  Oh yes.  I can't cook and text and talk for example.  I can't read, listen to music and drink tea at the same time. However,  I can do two things at once, as I can drink tea and talk.  Drink tea and paint.  Drink tea and cook.  Drink tea and text.  Etc.  

My house is very full up at the moment.  Arty Man With Motor Bike And Camera Equipment is still here.  His Ginger Best Friend has another of her friends staying in my other room, and very nice he is too. He is training to be a Librarian and so I am very impressed.  And then my cousin Charley turned up quite unexpectedly yesterday morning in his lorry.  "Can I stay?" he said, "Yes," I said.  " And further more," he said, " I will take your two sons if they wish to go with me, in the lorry, as I am working this weekend."  "Take,"  I said, "both of them by force and don't worry about bringing them back quickly.  I am due a cooking break and it will be good for them."  Charley is a tough guy and can box and high kick and break your limbs BUT, he doesn't.  He preaches to anyone who asks how to fight and get into scraps, the first cardinal rule of fighting.  To Run.  He said, as 13 Year Old Son tried to get him in a headlock (13 Year Old Son has much energy and is fascinated by boxing, thumping, whacking, Jacky Chan type stuff, and wants to play rugby asap), he says, before you do anything else in your life, you young thug you, learn to Run. And if trouble comes your way, avoid it like the plague.  And then Charlie disabled 13 year old son in a friendly type manner and suggested they go and tinker with the lorry instead.  

So.  I am bumping into all sorts of new and exciting people in my house.  Some I know, some I don't.  All are welcome, and as long as they tidy up I am a Full Of Joy To See Them All.  And as I speak Charley has not returned with my two sons both of whom are somewhere in the UK in a lorry with Cousin Charlie, who makes everything interesting and fun. And is tough nut and is harder than the hardest of the hard, and is also damn clever and wise.  An All Round Good Egg.  Thanks Cousin Charley.

Because Jah is with me in my studio, I am going to a reggae concert on Wednesday at the 100 Club in London. I am bowled over by a group of elderly Reggae musicians called the Jolly Boys.  They have been sixty years in the business, and are on their first UK tour.  They have suddenly become Famous and quite right too.  They are Astonishing.  Quite Astonishing so, I booked myself tickets to go on Wednesday and be Astonished and Inspired in person and this is where Charley and his lorry may come in useful.  I am thinking that if Charley takes me up to see the concert, I can persuade them to get into the back of the lorry, band instruments and all, and kidnap them all and make them live with me as Rastas in Residence in my Home in Bognor.  No one knows where Bognor is, or what it is, it will be years before anyone tracks them down, and by then we will be all best friends (due in part to Jah living in my studio anyway) and they will either beg me to go back to Jamaica with them, or they will insist on staying here in Bognor.  They will, as well, be nearly 100 years old by then too, so we will have to limit their Music Duties so that they can rest sometimes.

 It is time now to go and see who is in my kitchen. I will leave Jah here in the studio to get on with some others of my paintings and go and cook for the Lorry Crew for when they get back.  I had better start practicing Salt Fish and Ackee and Rice for the Jolly Boys when they start their new lives here on Thursday morning.  Ooops, I see a lorry arriving, better go and tell Charley the plan for Wednesday at the 100 Club.

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