Wednesday 4 August 2010

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 Jolly Boys Reggae Concert Tonight.  I Am A Jolly Girl So I Will Be There.

Let us look at the band.  Here they are.

The Jolly Boys are playing tonight at the 100 Club in London.  I hope they are rested because the plan is to kidnap them in Cousin Charley's lorry and give them a home in Bognor in my house so that they can play to me hourly.  It is Well Known, I say in the style of Mma Ramotswe the Owner of the No 1 Ladies Detective Agency, that elderly Reggae bands like to do this.  Everyone, as Mma Ramotswe would say, Knows this.

A new day in the Studio.  What to do.  There are important things to do and I don't know where to start.  At The Beginning!  You all cry with a knowing little smile.  Where, I reply with passion, Is The Beginning?  

The Beginning is, in today's case, where I start the day.  So I have begun already.  Chalk that one up.  Next on the list is a careful look at what I want to achieve.  Funding for A Graceful Death.  OK, so what next?  I know!  Fill in the Excel Expenses Sheet the Glorious Clarissa so kindly prepared and sent to me.  And then?  Well, there is a lady who may be able to help but I may need funding to pay for her help to get funding.  Phone her and find out!  OK, I can do that.  Next on the list - a small universal and easily adaptable proposal for the A Graceful Death so that it can be sent to people and easily read.  That could be fun, I love writing about AGD.  And more?  Yes, More!  Send to my Dublin Friend who is putting on AGD in Dublin in October, the info I want on the invite and blow me down.  She will do the invite for me.  What a wonder.

The paintings, you whisper to me, clasping my elbows in your hands and looking intently into my eyes, What about the Paintings?  There are more to do, there always are.  I have a very burning need to paint a portrait of myself having come through all the Steve stuff and made it to the other side.  A kind of Resolved Antonia painting  so that there is an end to my part in AGD.  It becomes more and more about those who wish to join it and contribute.  I have a lovely old man to paint and some poems to write up.  The painting side is easy.  It is all the other admin and marketing and pr and arrangements and promotion stuff that is so time consuming and hard.

But I am going to the Jolly Boys tonight!  Let us have a look at Albert Minott, the lead singer and guitar.  His voice sounds as if he should be 6'8" and built like a raging bull but he is not at all, he is much more elegant and probably a great deal smaller than that.  

What an elegant singer and dancer.  This man belongs in Bognor and he knows it.  With his band of course.  And because I am a Family Type Artist, I will send for his mum and dad and his wife and children and grand children and great grandchildren and aunties and uncles.  He is terribly elegant.  I know, go instantly and look at him singing Amy Winehouses Rehab - www.jollyboysmusic.comWatch him move too, to his music.  Wouldn't you love to move like that? Thought so.

On the way to the Jolly Boys, to which I am taking my lovely daughter, I am stopping off at the Lovely Lucy's house to photograph a recent painting of African Ladies she commissioned for her husband's birthday.  I have a request to do another and I want to show the next commissioner what I did with the first.  So a photo of it would be a good idea.  While there, I am handing over to the Fabby Helen, another friend,  the paintings she has just commissioned for her husband's birthday.  Please note this, I am excellent at doing Husband's Birthday Paintings. So.  From the Lovely Lucy's, Daughter and I will go to the 100 club where we will dance our little socks off, and then come home.  My house is still full of folk, and yes.  Of course.  It will be even fuller when the band are wheeled out of Cousin Charley's lorry. (See last blog entry about being in a reggae fug.  In that blog is the outline of the plot to kidnap the Jolly Boys).

 Fabby Helen as a Makeover Angel.  Before, cross and in old clothes.  After, all gorgeous and in her best dress and shoes and smiling that Helen smile she is famous for.
Finally, it is my 50 Birthday on Friday.  I am having a Rolling Birthday Weekend Of Tea And Cakes from midday on Friday to 6pm on Sunday.  I will stay put here, put on the music (reggae.  When the mood threatens to become too laid back a quick blast of Carmina Burana then back to easy Jamaican reggae.  And perhaps a bit of Fats Waller.  I love Fats Waller.  And some Etta James, then a quick blast of Verdi's Requeim or Carmina Burana, and back to Edith Piaff) and provide a rolling conveyor belt of cakes for all my friends and family.  All of you.  Yes, all 100 thousand of you.  Most of that is family, mind. There are a lot of us.

Before I go, here is a picture of me when I get back from the Jolly Boys Concert tonight.  It is the soul in the picture I want you to connect with.

They, the Jolly Boys, will not be able to resist.  

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