Saturday 7 August 2010

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50 All Day Long Yesterday.  Morning Noon and Night.

We didn't sit in these deck chairs because it was dark cold and rainy all day.  These are nice little pics for nice people to buy in Arundel, to remind them that in some countries there is Sun and Sea and Sand.  But in Bognor Regis, it is a pale memory.  Mid Summer, we get pictures like these out and show our children and say "In Our Day etc etc"  In our day, there was Sun in the Summer.  Sometimes.  The children look with wide eyed wonder at these pictures and say Oooh Mummy Turn Up The Heating And Tell Us More.
I will give a very quick account of yesterday for you all.  The reason for being so brief is that it is still Ongoing, and there are People all over the house staying, and we have still two days of partying to go.  Many cakes were eaten yesterday.  Much sponge and chocolate was consumed.  The house filled itself with people, flowers, cakes and tea.  I loved every minute.  Here are some of the highlights
  • At 6.30 13 Year Old Son gave me breakfast in a fancy bath.  Daughter called to say Happy Birthday.  Yawn yawn said I, let the festivities begin
  • The Muppet blew up some balloons at around 11am and boiled two eggs.  7 hours later I made the eggs into egg mayonnaise.  Thank you Muppet.
  • I collected my laptop from PC World.  This is Alan's present and I am very happy.  I had a tutorial from a very knowledgeable and kind PC World man who spoke much sense and knew his stuff. I still didn't understand a word.
  • I made more cakes.  There were 10 trays of all kinds of cakes, and I made more.  Just as well, by 4pm the house was filled with hungry cake seeking party goers.
  • Cousin Maddy and her Children are here!  We love them.  All of them are asleep at the moment and lots of them did the washing up last night.  So they get the job.  They can stay for ever.
  • Eileen is here!  Eileen will be photoing paintings today because we don't let her rest.  She doesn't want to rest though, she likes being forced to work all the time.  I tell her this because I think it helps.
  • Now, Saturday, we expect lots more folk and there are only half the cakes left.  Go!  I am told by my subconcious, Make More Cakes!  Ok, I will.  Watch me.  I am the Cake Guru.
Annabel Church Smith bought the most fabulous cakes you have ever seen.  How can someone just make them and still walk on planet earth like it was nothing at all?  We have lots of those left because I hid them.

Cosmic Gardener came to do the garden but we made him have tea and cakes.  He will come back on Tuesday and we will be sensible. 

Aunt Anne came and spent the day.  My 80 Year Old Mother came and left Anne here and we loved having her. Anne got the ladder out and fixed, with Alan and Maddy, some fabby Butterfly Things to the ceiling.  I was making cakes at the time.

Must go and get cakes.  Flapjacks, scones, and cup cakes and Maddy is making a Pavlova.  And that is only today.  Tomorrow, at 6pm, it is all officially over.  I am well and truly obese and old with it. 

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