Friday 15 May 2009

All Is Good In The Kingdom Again

I did it. The boys and I ended up in a kind of squashy love thing on the sofa watching a Disney film last night, all forgiving and jokey. How? Well, it was a thinking-outside-the-box job, and after lots of false starts we finally made some progress. Actually, I phoned Alan in Greece and he talked me through things. So Alan had quite a lot to do with it.

Now I don't want a temper tantrum. I want to be deeply solicitous and say things like Ah, I See Your Point, and hand out Joy and Flowers.

My paintings are, funnily enough, going well. All this madness and mayhem with Sons has not affected the paintings. I am glad about that. So will my clients be.

So, today is thus. Paint now, listen to radio. Hair cut at 2pm, boys on train to Brighton (together. Riot shields away, other passengers, it will be safe) for 5pm and then me and a big empty house till Eileen gets here tomorrow morning. Oh joy. Don't know where to begin. A party for one in my own home. Telly, films, takeaways (plural), bouncing on the sofa, having baths with the door open and the radio on DOWNSTAIRS. Not answering the phone and singing along to whatever whenever, going to bed in the wee small hours and not waking up till Eileen gets here.

Well. How things change. This time yesterday there was only trouble and despair. Now there is life and love and everything is possible. Just because there is unity again in the family. Gosh.

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