Wednesday 27 May 2009

The Open Doors Weekend, Two Photos

This is one side of the room, Ladies dominating, and on the right wall, just visible, the Jesus on the Tube collection. This room really is painted pink and white, Daughter did it and I think did it well. It was to make her feel better after she had to return from USA and get on with a real life here.

This is another side of the colourful room that I arranged with my Ladies dominating. In the right hand corner is Steve a few days before his death, on the wall next to the flowers are two portraits of two boys, and above the Orange Lady is a triptych of Jesus Finding Divinity Hard After A Long Night Out. This was a lovely colourful room. My studio, in the garden, from where I work and therefore is a mess, housed my religious and ongoing works.

Today it is still raining and windy, the Hammock moment has passed and I look forward to a gentle day in the studio just fiddling about. Ho Hum. Tiddly Pom.

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