Tuesday 5 May 2009

How Did It Go Yesterday? Written on Wednesday Early in the Morning

It went well, thank you. The painting is being commissioned by my old friends as a surprise thank you gift for someone else. It was so good to see them again. A very inspirational husband and wife team who work in the church with the arts. There is something unique about them, something as indefinable as Goodness, real Goodness. They bring out the best in artists, actors, musicians, writers, performers. So of course, out came my best, right on cue.

The painting is going to take me 24 hours a day for 2 weeks to complete, then frame, then get to London for the presentation. At the presentation, I will be scrubbed and washed, nicely dressed and smiling, not a hint of paint anywhere on my clothes or hands. When (if) the recipient says "Thanks, love" I will give a little gallic shrug and say "oh it was nothing." I will look at my fingernails and say with an enigmatic half smile,"it's what I do, sport". While at home, the children will be in filthy rags, unfed and the house will be sinking under dust and decay. The social workers will say "Where is your Mother" and the boys will look at her through half closed eyes and sigh and say "Ah yes, we had one of those once. Ever since she took on this commission she has been gone from our lives. We last saw her getting in the car with a bubble wrapped object, and a wild light in her eye..."

Just so that you know how busy I am, I am doing an Open Studios thing this weekend and next. This is in effect an exhibition of my works in situ and the public can come and go all weekend. I will also have to be nice to them (not difficult, I like the Public generally) and sell them anything they desire. That is for sale, that is. I will not sell them my car or either of the boys. I have a Jesus on the Tube to finish and frame for Thursday ready for the client on Monday. I have another Jesus on the Tube to start this month too, and this big secret London commission that has to be ready for a big public presentation thingy on 31 May.

Onwards, then. It is now nearly 8.15am and time to Do My Stuff. Bye.

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